Tuesday, April 30, 2019

etta moon: three months

Dear Etta,
At three months old you weigh in at a whopping 19.5 lbs!
You don't look as chubby as your siblings but dang girl you are DENSE.
I don't know where you hide all that weight lol.
You are also super long/tall.
I think you only wore your 6 month clothing for 2 days before I had to pull out the next few sizes.
Currently you're wearing 9-24 month sizes depending on the style of clothing.
I love that the light bulb has turned on.
You are suddenly "awake" and aware of the world around you.
I love that you're so quick to smile and that you smile with your whole body!
You are our first ever LAP CHILD.
AKA you are so happy to just sit in our laps and chill.
You love sleeping as close to us as possible.
You enjoy sucking on your fists and looking at your feet.
You hate cloth diapers, riding in the car and showers.
I love your giant blue eyeballs and your full, chubby cheeks.
We are also loving your squeaky yells.
You're starting to find your "voice" and it is the BEST sound in the entire world.
Additional things to note from this month-
First, NO CRANIOSYNOSTOSIS (seriously the best news of the entire year)
You took your first nap in the crib and you took about an ounce of breastmilk from a bottle.
We sure love you Etta Moon!
You are a ray of sunshine in our lives,
Love Momma

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Easter 2019

Somehow, even with Easter being as late as it was this year, I still wasn't prepared for it until the last minute. 
A few days before I headed out to Goodwill and Target to scrounge up some Easter basket goodies for the kids. 
Goodwill is my favorite place to get books!
I got 25 books for 20 bucks. 
I found tons of easter/spring themed ones too which made them perfect little stuffers for their baskets. 
Each kid also got 6 eggs filled with some candy and a few fun easter themed items. 
I already had the baskets and I used a gift card for the Target items so $25 for 5 kids easter baskets is a screaming deal. 
The night before Easter we piled into our bed and watched "The Lamb of God" as a family. 
(we found a copy of it on youtube)

This was something we did as a kid every Easter season and I was excited to start that tradition with my own family. 
We had been discussing the Holy Week all week in our Come Follow Me/New Testament discussions, so it was the perfect little film to kind of wrap it all up together for the kids. 
Easter Sunday, Rem and Olive got up and sang with the primary kids a new song called "Gethsemane"
Since I serve in the youth program at church, i've heard them practice it for weeks and the song makes me tear up every time. 
It is SO beautiful!
After church we ate our weight in cadbury eggs and then sat and ate dinner together. 
We pulled the high chair out for Etta so she could sit up with us. 
It was surreal looking around the table at our FIVE kids. 
We are so incredibly blessed and grateful for the life we live and It wouldn't be possible without our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

and of course we had to grab a few pics of the kids in their cute Easter outfits!

Monday, April 15, 2019

DIY Wood Baby Gym

It's been a hot minute since i've done a DIY post!
This one was so fun to do and we got so many compliments on it, I figured we'd share. 

I searched everywhere for an affordable wood/aesthetically pleasing baby gym and I could NOT find one. 
Finally, I turned to Pinterest where I found a crap ton of tutorials on how to make them for cheap but they all required fancy wood working tools. 
Unfortunately David's tool collection is very much lacking (haha) so we pulled from a few tutorials to see what we could make using only a drill!

Here's what we came up.
I LOVE the end result (and so does Etta)
The best part was that it only took 30 minutes to assemble and only cost us $16. 
I love quick and easy projects. 
Here's what we used.

- 3/4 in drill bit 
-4 Red Oak Boards (.75 x 1.5 x 24 inches. these are already pre-cut for you) 
-1 Red Oak Hardwood Round (3/4 in x 3 feet)

We eyeballed and then measured and drilled 1, 3/4 in hole in each of the 4 boards. 
Then we drilled 4 more smaller holes to accommodate the size of our nylon rope. 
We assembled the rod through the top and then strung the rope through the bottom holes. 
David knotted the ends and then burned off the excess fraying rope. 
Initially we weren't going to purchase anything extra to dangle from the rod since we already had a handful of baby toys, but I saw some hanging macrame toys while I was scrolling Pinterest and knew I could replicate!
Macrame was actually super easy to learn (I searched youtube tutorials)
 I busted those puppies out that night. 

The silicone cubes are from an old crusty teething necklace I already had so they were repurposed for the baby gym. 
Everything is tied off and secure so there is no need to worry about choking. 
At three months old, Etta loves laying under it.
 She's just barely starting to reach out and touch everything.
I love how it looks our in our living area (no obnoxious, in your face colors) and it is super easy to fold down and store!
If you don't currently need one for your own baby,  they would make awesome baby shower gifts. 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Etta Moon: two months

Dear Etta, 
At two months old you are 15lbs 2oz (97 percentile) and 25 inches (99 percentile).
I can't believe how much you've physically grown in just one month!
It's insane. 
You are squeezing into your size 6 month clothing and in size 2 diapers. 
You've been such a drama queen with the newborn cloth diapers so they haven't been used as much.
Overall you're pretty much an easy peasy happy newborn!
You sleep SO well, only waking up 2-3x a night to nurse. 
You take 2-3 naps during the day with the afternoon nap lasting about 3 hours. 
You are so happy to just be!
You love sitting up in the crack of the couch, watching all the chaos that ensues with your 4 older siblings. 
You also love to lay under the wooden gym that Dad made for you. 
It's so fun to see your big blue eyes widen when the toys come close to your face. 
I love that you are also quick to smile. 
Dad gets the best little giggles and outburst from you. 
You're doing a lot better in the carseat now that you're much more aware of whats going on around you. 
You hair is starting to come in really well on top (the previous bald spot haha) but is still lacking everywhere else I shaved off. 
Jokes on me, LOL. 
It's darker in color, a lot like how Frances's was. 
You haven't been using a binky as much, so not sure if we're done with that already. 
I still make sure to pack one in the diaper bag just in case. 
A few things to note from this month-
You are acting like you might have allergies!? 
I know it's too early to "diagnose" or even test you for them but the last few times we went to friends houses that had dogs, your eyes instantly go super red and swollen and you started sneezing like crazy! The same things happen every time we go out on a walk to. 
So maybe seasonal? 
We were also informed at your two month check up that you have symptoms for the birth defect  craniosynostosis.
Your Dr. has been watching your head growth since birth after we noticed some ridges in places that shouldn't have ridges. 
The sagittal suture (on the back of your head) is the suture in question. 
We got the referral to go see the pediatric neurosurgeon at Phoenix children hospital where they will be able to do further testing in order to confirm or deny the diagnosis. 
(usually in the form of a CT scan) 
We've been trying to educate ourselves and reading up on everything there is to know on the condition. 
Honestly, I've been a wreck. 
The only way to correct it is a very invasive surgery where the skull is literally removed and reshaped. 
I'm trying not to get ahead of myself, but sometimes the anxiety creeps in and I just can't stop it. 
We are praying so hard that whatever the diagnosis is (or isn't, fingers crossed) that you will continue to grow healthy and strong. 
So although I feel like I'll be holding my breath until your appointment in a few weeks, we are soaking up every little minute with your cute, squishy and happy self. 
We love you so much Etta girl-

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

grandma and papa olsen come to visit!

At the beginning of the month Davids parents drove down from Utah to come spend a few days with us. 
It's been just over a year since we've seen them!
The kids had SO MUCH FUN. 
They brought down an entire box of sweet treats and presents for the babies. 
Remington got a cool head lamp, wolfe got a giant paw patrol helicopter and the girls got the cutest spring church dresses. 
Olive threw over her dress but after talking about what nail polish we could paint her nails and which accessories we could pick out to match it, she calmed down. 
That girl...

Saturday morning David and Ted took all the kids to the grocery store where they got to pick out whatever cereal they wanted. 
Frances was like "I want the corn ones!"
Not understanding that she didn't have to pick from our usual three that we used to get haha. 
(We don't eat it much anymore. The kids always complained of being hungry still after eating 2 bowels so I just stopped buying it and stuck to oatmeal haha) 
I loved seeing all of their choices, and of course Papa made sure to get them the family size. 
Grandma Olsen got lots of cuddle time with Etta girl. She gave her so many smiles! It was so sweet to watch. 
One of my new favorites ^^ 

The weather was perfect Saturday afternoon so we spent the rest of the day outside. The kids played  basketball and rode bikes. Papa took turns taking them out for wagon rides around the block. 
Sunday was Etta's blessing. 
They helped prep all the food for lunch while we got the kids ready for church. 
Frances and Grandma were accidentally twinning and Fran thought it was the coolest thing ever. 
The kids were so sad to say their goodbye Sunday evening. 
Rem cried and cried all the next day. 

I'm so grateful that they have such strong relationships with them. 
Some of my best memories as a child were days spent with my Bumpa and Grandma and I'm glad that they can have that too. 
Grandparents are the best. 

We're already planning to drive up to Utah on our fall break to see them again. 
Plus Utah in the fall is MAGICAL!
We can't wait.

blessing day

Sunday March 10th, Etta Moon was blessed.
David parents drove down from Utah to celebrate!
We also had my Dad, Papa Wood, my step brother Brad and my brother in laws Travis, and Steven stand in the circle. 
^^Look at that handsome group of men!!
So happy to have them in my life. 

David gave a beautiful blessing. 
Etta wore the same dress both Olive and Frances wore on their blessing days. 
It's a simple organic cotton dress that I picked out a gap forever ago and I just love that they've all been able to wear it. 

Afterwards we met back at our home and hosted lunch for everyone. 
The kids loved playing with their cousins and Etta was passed around for everyone to love on. 
I'm so grateful to live so close to family. 
It makes days like these the BEST. 

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