Wednesday, May 23, 2018

summer bucket list

Ready or not, today is the first official day of our summer break. 
This year I decided to step it up a notch and be a "fun mom" and come up with a summer bucket list with the kids. 
(Remember when David and I did these all the time before we had kids?) 
We sat down this morning and thought about some realistic things we could accomplish together this summer. 
The babies are soo excited!
I'd also like to stick to a schedule day to day so they know what to expect. 
The first thing we are going to do every day is hit up the YMCA so I can get my workout in. 
We pay $60/month for 2 hours of childcare a day which is like a really amazing deal when you think about that alone lol. 
Good thing they love it there. 
It'll also be our "home base" for pool and water related actives.
We can't wait for the kid pool to open next week. 
Anyway, here is our list! 
I also made a little checklist for the kids to do everyday before the plop themselves in front of the TV/tablet. 
I'm determined to have them stick to it lol so we will see how it goes. 

I threw together my own little list for myself this year/
-at least one date night a month
-daily exercise
-cook more (lolllll we will see...)
-blog 2x a month
-teach rem how to tie his shoes

What's on your summer bucket list year?
What else should we add??

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

MomTRI Sprint Triathlon

Crossing the finish line!!!!

Sprint Triathlon- 400m SWIM, 12 mile BIKE and 3.2 mile RUN
I finished in 1:46

* * * 
Last Saturday I competed in my first sprint triathlon. 
It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

I had heard about this cool Mom's triathlon that a bunch of ladies in our ward put on/participated in the year before and figured, hey I ran a half marathon a triathlon will be easy!
So I signed up and started my daily training.
(I followed this 12 week training program HERE. )
Swimming was/is definitely my weakest skill out of the three, but I jumped right in and got to work. 
My first couple swim workouts were HUMBLING!
I was like OH-MY-HELL....
How can I run for 13 miles but I'm freaking hyperventilating after 25m in the pool!?
It is certainly an entirely different set of muscles/breathing skills thats for sure. 
But, I kept at it, attended a few swimming clinics, watched a million youtube vidoes and with every swim workout, I felt more confident in my abilities. 

Along with the daily triathlon training, I was also completing my 90 day HIIT Mamas challenge, so I was doing daily crossfit WODs too.
It was no nonsense for a few months haha, but it felt amazing. 
I felt like I found my groove and I was thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. 
Through out the training I met so many amazing women!
I'm like I've found my PEOPLE, haha.

As race day drew nearer, I totally started to feel the nerves. 
Mostly because of the unknown I guess?
I felt really good about my brick workouts but I really didn't have an experience with setting up and doing the transitions between events. 
Really, my only goals were to 1. not drown 2. finish  and 3. not poop my pants. 
Everyone laughs at the poop part, but my fellow race ladies know exactly what I'm talking about...It's a REAL and LEGITAMITE fear. 

Anyway, my girl Gissell came and picked me up bright and early Saturday morning and we headed over to get checked in and set up!
It was so nice to be going through the whole experience with a friend, it totally helped the nerves. 
Prepping my gear the night before!

After getting our transition areas set up we went to pick up our timing chips. 
Pretty soon it was time to line up to get ready for the swim!

They divided us up by swim times. 
We had to time our 400m a few days before the race so we'd know what group to go in. 
The categories were-
expert-under 7 min 
advanced 7-9min
intermediate 9-11 min
beginner 11-17min
novice 17+ minutes 
I went with the intermediate group since I was consistently clocking between 10-10:30 for the 400m. We lined up one by one to jump in the pool and begin!
My heart was RACING!!
I feel like this was the worst part of the whole thing, just waiting to get in and go. 
The atmosphere was electric as all the women were cheering for each other outside of the pool. 

Finally it was my turn. 
I said another quick prayer, jumped in, waited for my countdown and pushed off the wall. 
The pool was divided into 8 lanes, 50m long each. 
So we zig-zagged back and forth from one end of the pool to the other.
We were to stay on the right side of the lane unless we wanted to pass, in which we could do on the left side of the lane. 
It was nice that we were sorta spread out so it didn't feel like we were all on top of each other. 
After I got the first 50m done, I was like ok, I got this no problem. 
My goal for swimming was not to stop.
 In my training I decided that if I felt tired or out of breath during the freestyle stroke, I'd immediately turn over to my back and kick/do back stroke. 
It was really effective for me because I could catch my breath when I needed to but I was still moving forward. 
To my surprise, I passed 5 people during my swim!
I was like alriiiiight, I'm doing OK!
I got to the end and jogged as fast as I could, trying not to slip on the cement and run to the transition area where our timer would stop. 
I was annoyed that the whole running segment was included in our swim time but, I understand why they had to do it like that.

Before the swim!
Can you see me? I was legit 12 inches taller than everyone lol. I always forget how TALL I am compared to the general population. 
My good looking crew!
The one "official" race photo that actually turned out, haha! 
I'm SOOO glad my dad was there to capture the rest of these. 
I felt like I had my own paparazzi.
Don't slip, don't slip!
Running to transition! 
My whole outfit via walmart lol
It did the job..but I will for sure be investing in a tri-suit for the next one. 

I was one of the first people in my row to get on the bike-
It was nice not having to compete with the crowds. 
I threw on my running watch/hr monitor, shoes, helmet and grabbed some water, a protein bar and a gu packet!
Everyone said the bike was a good place to replenish fluids and energy. 

My very own cheerleading section. 
The bike route was a 4 mile loop that we had to do 3 times to get the 12 miles. 
It was totally blocked off with cones and police men along the route. 
They were so awesome and cheering us on!
It was just so much fun. 
On my first lap, I went to grab my protein bar that I had shoved in my pocket and it fell onto the ground and into the gutter lol. 
I was super bummed about it. 
Thankfully I had grabbed the gu so at least I had something. 
Also, can we just talk about how PASTY WHITE I am!?
David said he could tell it was me coming around the corner because I was glowing LOL. 
I'm obsessed with these pics dad grabbed of the kids while they were waiting for me. 
It was HOT that morning and they were troopers! 
The bike portion actually went by really fast. 
I was so happy to finish it without any flat tires.

Next came the runnnnnn.
It was only a 5k distance so I wasn't worried about it at all. 
The only thing that was rough was that it was HOT and the entire course was in direct sunlight. 
I felt like I was running through a furnace. 
One of the water stations had ice cold towels soaked in water that we could wipe down with and those felt AMAZING. 
I kept a slow and steady pace the whole run. 
A lot of the women were sprinting and then walking and sprinting and walking so we'd keep passing each other which was annoying and I was just jogging along like do-de-do-da-do.
I could tell my pace was slower than what I trained for but I just wanted to not-stop so it didn't bother me too much. 
Literally reflecting the sun off my skin. 
I loved rounding the corner and seeing my little family cheering me on from the sideline. 
As I passed, Remington, Olive and Frances joined me for the last 50m across the finish line. 
As you can see the finish line was suuuuper crowded. 
Someone quickly handed me a little pouch and another person was grabbing my leg trying to get the time chip from my ankle and I was like wait hold up, what is going on? Stop touching me!? 
There was so many people It was just really kind of crazy. 
I reconnected with the family and took a few pics on the stand.
We didn't last long though because it was so hot and so loud (the speakers/announcer was BOOOMING) and soo many people crowded into that one tiny space I was like GET ME OUT OF HERE. 
Talk about a sensory overload, YIKES. 

And then before I left  I was like wait, where's my medal?
Don't I get a medal!?
I looked around and saw that no one else had one...
I remember leaving kinda bummed-
Like what the heck, that's half the reason I do these things LOL! 

Turned out that little pouch that was handed to me literally just as I crossed the line had this gorgeous little gold necklace in it. 
It says "STRONG"
and I'm freaking obsessed with it. 
I'll take one of these over a medal any day. 
Anyway, that's my first triathlon account!
It was so fulfilling and so much fun. 
I felt challenged but it didn't feel impossible if that makes sense?
I was throughly enjoying myself the ENTIRE time. 
I literally have a giant smile on my face in every photo LOL.
I'm already looking at some more races in September and December. 
I'd actually like to do a full length triathlon next year!!
We will see what the future holds.

**another shout out to my Dad for taking these awesome photos!!! I seriously LOVE THEM! THANK YOU!!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

my 28th birthday

Last Friday we celebrated my 28th birthday. 
It was SO perfect. 
David took the day off and helped make the day amazing. 
He and babies brought in a bouquet of white tulips and a giant chocolate muffin with a candle in it for me to blow out while they sang to me.
After sending them off to school with hugs and kisses, I got dressed in my workout clothes and did my crossfit workout at home. 
I had a swim scheduled in my training that I didn't want to miss so I headed over the pool afterwards and swam. 
It felt so good to move my body!
I got home and showered and then headed up north to a salon where I got my first ever Brazilian wax, haha!
(There's no such thing as TMI with me guys, come on now)
It really didn't hurt like I was expecting.
Maybe having 4 med free births makes everything else feel like weak sauce, who knows. 
What made it even better was that it was totally free, SCORE!
After getting all my business done, I headed home to a hot, home cooked lunch and then passed out in bed for a nap. 
Later that evening, Jocelyn came over to babysit the kids while David and I went dancing!!! 
OH my gosh it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!
The Arthur Murray Dance Studio just down the road from us offers free first lessons, so I signed us up. 
I wanted to do something different from our usual dinner and a movie and this seemed like the perfect activity!
It was a 45 min lesson and we learned the basic steps for the tango and bachata. 
It was totally out of our comfort zone but it was seriously so fun to learn a new skill together. 
I was laughing so hard I was snorting all over the dance floor. 
My cheeks hurt soo bad afterwards from all the smiling. 
We will for sure be back to learn some more. 
AHHH, I'm so grateful for my man and his willingness to try new things with me. 
Here's to 28!
May it be the best one yet. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018


uhm, HI!
I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted on here. 
I always told myself I'd never ever get too busy to not keep our blog updated, yet here we are. 
Life has been moving a million miles a minute. 
Thankfully I've been putting pen to paper and actually journaling the last couple months so not all is lost. 
And since I have my Instagram printed through the chat books service, I find it easier to document our little daily life things over there. 
(@msjessicae if you're not following along already ;) )
Also, I'm trying to find the best/most cost efficient way to print up our blog and turn it into year you guys have any suggestions?
I'm actually surprised there isn't a service like that out there. 

ANYWAYS, I miss writing on here so I'm recommitting to continue to document our little family as well as share thoughts about parenting/motherhood. 
Sound good?

So here's what we've been up to lately. 

David is still going strong on the job hunt. 
We added it up and he's applied for over 600 jobs in the last few months. 
Only a few have warranted actual interviews and exactly zero of which have resulted in an offer. 
It is ROUGH I tell you. 
I never ever would have thought getting a job after pursing a freaking masters degree would be this difficult. 
We talked previously about doing nursing school so we could have something to fall back on but after fervent fasting and prayer it doesn't feel like the right decision for us at this moment in time. 
So for now, we are holding on and keeping our heads up knowing that the perfect opportunity is just around the corner. 
Between filling out job applications, surviving at his current dead end job and the usual hum drum of parenting, we spend our extra "free" time working out together. 

I've dedicated the last few months to training and getting my body whipped back into shape. 
I've currently in the middle of a 90 day crossfit challenge as well as training for my first sprint triathlon in May!
I've decided that training for something specific (like a race) really helps me focus. 
I just freaking love exercise and health and how it all makes me feel physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Dave and I have actually starting throwing around the idea of starting an in person/online nutrition and personal training services. I figure it's as good of time as ever to put my exercise physiology degree to use! So if that's something you'd be interested in, hit us up. There will be lots more to come on that later. 

I started watching a little girl in our ward 3 days a week to help supplement our income and it has been so fun for me and the kids. 
She is literally the most perfect angel child and the babies just LOVE her. 
She fits right in. 

Remington is reading so well, it still blows my mind. 
He's read every book in our entire house more than once so he lives for trips to the library. 
His favorite things to read about are superheros and cars/trucks. 
Auntie Josie got him a few comic books for his birthday and they are some of his most prized possessions. While reading one day he was laughing and said,
 "oh my gosh mom, this book says HELL!"
Guess we need to start pre-screening lol. 
He's excelling in school academically but still gets in trouble on the daily for talking and distracting his peers. 
He is such a social butterfly, I feel like that's going to be an issue for his entire school going years lol. 

Olive Lou is just as sweet and sassy as ever. 
She's said some of the funniest things lately. 
For example//
One day we were taking one of her friends home from preschool and they were watching the living scriptures nativity movie in the van. 
Her friend asked who the man in the movie was. 
Olive replied without skipping a beat, "Oh that's just Jesus, our Lord and Savior" like it was no big deal. 
Way to start the missionary effort girl!

Another time on the way home from school she asked us why God created mosquitos
"They are just soo annoying and suck yer blood all out!"

After finishing up in the bathroom-
"MOM, my poops almost smell just as bad as yours!"

Apparently the kids in her class call her "Olaf" instead of Olive and she absolutely hates it. 
It started because a few of the kids couldn't say her name correctly so Olaf just kind of stuck. 
She always corrects them that it is in fact "OLIVE. O-L-I-V-E!!!"

Ugh I love that girl. 

Frances is just...
oh man, I struggle hard with end of the two year old/almost threenager stage. 
This girl and I butt heads something fierce!!
I can't believe the personality that comes from that little body. 
She's all about pushing boundaries and testing limits and rules. 
She is literally the sour patch candy from the sour patch kid commercials. 
She does something totally off the wall insane and in the same breath just melts your freaking heart into a puddle. 
Dave falls for the latter most of the time (#daddiesgirl) 
I don't put up with that crap lol. 
One thing we've noticed in the last few months that she's started "stealing" and hiding away things that aren't hers. 
I can't tell you how many times we had to march back to the church nursery or the YMCA childcare to return whatever she had taken. 
She takes stuff around the house too. 
If we notice it's missing, Fran always is the one who has hidden it away somewhere. 
She's totally a little klepto and we are trying are darnedest to nip this behavior in the bud!!!
Any suggestions!? 
Please tell me someone has had to deal with this. 

Wolfe is literally just a MONSTER BEAST MAN CHILD. 
I can not keep up. 
I kid you not, as soon as we got home from the ER, getting his head stitched up last week he was back climbing and hanging on the chair that he fell from. 
He climbs and climbs and falls and falls. 
He has a close call every few days where I actually wonder if I need to call 911. 
His poor little body is just covered in bumps, scraps and bruises. 
This boy. 
I legit found 15 gray hairs on my scalp the other day and I know its all caused from him, LOL!
He's still hanging onto the boobs for dear life, nursing about twice a day. 
I was so prepared to be done, but he's just not ready. 
Until then I'll be enjoying the time we have left. 

That about sums it up!!

Things we have to look forward to in the next couple weeks
my 28th birthday tomorrow (woot woot)
sprint triathlon 
Frances 3 birthday
school ending for the year

and of course somewhere in there, David accepting a new job.
Please, pretty please, send all the prayers, thoughts vibes our way...
we really need it. 

Oh, and if you know anyone personally in healthcare administraiton MESSAGE ME.

PS- drawing by my amazing talented sister JOCELYN!!!
She's currently taking commissions!
Mention this blog post and get 10%off your order :)

Monday, March 5, 2018

30 things

David turned the big "30" last month and in honor of that I wanted to share 30 things I love about him/you might not know about him. 

1. He's getting hotter as he ages (like hott daaaaaaaamn) 
2. He's knows literally every single stat about every single player in every single sport ever played (seriously, it's insane) 
3. He's passionate about health and wellness. 
4. He loves our babies and wants more babies. 
5. He's always up for anything. 
6. He's the best cook in the family (seriously, we'd starve without him)
7. He doesn't complain, like ever. 
8. He's a natural leader. 
9. He's calm in emergency situations. 
10. He changes every diaper when he's home. 
11. He has the kindest and prettiest eyeballs. 
12. He serves me breakfast in bed every single day. 
13. He's works hard to reach his goals. 
14. He laughs at all the memes I send him. 
15. He has an amazing butt. 
16. He supports and whole-heartedly believes in me. 
17. He strives to be the best husband and father. 
18. His arms are protective. 
19. He'd rather be with me and the babies then anywhere else. 
20. He takes out the garbage and loads the dishwasher. 
21. He always kisses me goodnight. 
22. Despite his many gifts and talents, he is the most humble man i've ever met. 
23. He asks for my opinion. 
24. He's dependable. 
25. He loves a good head scratch. 
26. He hardly ever spends money on himself. 
27. He makes me laugh. 
28. He never holds a grudge. 
29. Italian food is his absolute favorite. 
30. He loves with is whole heart. 


Friday, February 23, 2018

no more babies sleeping in our bed

Not only has Wolfe been moved into Remington's room, he is legit sleeping through the night!
We've been co-sleeping for a majority of the last 6 years. 
We kept each baby in with us for at least their first year of life. 
We are navigating this new phase of our lives and it's so weird/totally awesome. 

NOW, no babies in our room/bed and no babies in my belly AND Wolfe is showing signs of weaning too and i'm like, what the?!

We love having our room/bed back. 
When we first moved him over it was more of an adjustment for us not having him in there. 
I kept waking up in the middle of the night freaking out and disoriented, shaking David awake asking where the baby was. 
So there was that and then waking up to full leaky boobs and a puddle of milk in the morning. 
It's been about 4 weeks now and we are all getting a full nights sleep. 

Remington loves having Wolfe in there. 
He says he can't wait till he's out of the crib and bunking up with him. 
It's so cute to hear Remington reading to him at night before bed. 
My heart just melts. 

I just love these boys so much!
I'm so lucky to be their momma. 
^^These cute bow ties from HERE

Thursday, February 15, 2018

No more diapers for FRANCIE GIRL!

Over the past year we've been watching for the signs that Frances was ready to potty train. 
Every time we brought it up, she'd be like, "nah, i'm good" 
"I'm a baby not a big girl"

So we were like whateves and went on with life. 
Then a few weeks ago we checked out a book from the library about how big girls don't need diapers anymore because they get to wear undies!
It talked about how mommas and grandmas and aunties all where undies because they are big girls too. 
SHE LOVED IT and made me read it over and over. 
"Tasha wear undies too!?"
(she's obsessed with her aunt natassja) 

It wasn't until she heard that her friend Mila (who is just a day younger than her in age) was going peeps on the potty and she finally wanted in on that action. 

And that was that. 
She took the lead, said "bye bye" to diapers because "I'm a big girl now!" 
Just like Olive, she literally taught herself. 

It's been like stupid easy, I almost can't believe that kids can do that themselves. 
I guess it goes to show, that MOST kids will just do it when they are ready and there is no need to stress out and force them. 

Anyways, it's so nice to have only ONE kid in diapers. 
(way less diaper laundry)
I forgot what that was like, it's been so long lol. 

Her little buns are so cute in undies. 
She picked out a new pack of peppa pig and rainbow ones. 
I can't believe she's going to be three this spring, AH!

Way to go Francie pants, we are so proud of you!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

San Diego

Last weekend we drove over to San Diego to celebrate the marriage of my baby sister Natassja to her hubby Travis!
It's only about a 5ish hour drive from Phoenix buuttttt the kids were SO ROUGH on the way down, it took us about 7 hours with all the stops we had to make.
I am just not cut out for the road trip scene. 
I do not enjoy it at all and It totally stresses me out. 
I was smelling my oils the whole way down to help me keep calm lol. 

We got in Friday afternoon and David took the kids straight to the pool while I caught up with aunts, uncles and grandparents. 
We got in soo much catch up time with all of the extended family since we all stayed in the same hotel. 
Every evening we'd gather in the lobby area and circle around and visit. 
Some of my favorite memories as a child were staying up and listening to the conversations between my momma's side of the family. 

Friday night my mom threw a bridal shower at a restaurant so I got to tag along kid free while David put the babies to bed. He sent me this snap shot while I was out. 
The fell asleep FAST as they were exhausted from swimming and the drive down. 

Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise. 
We got dressed and headed down for breakfast where we met with all of the other family members who had kids under 5 years old. 
No one gets to sleep in on vacation with kids, haha!

After breakfast I went down to the gym to workout and the babies enjoyed the cable tv. 
I came back and Wolfe was peeking out the window. 

After the gym I met up with my momma and sisters to get our hair done for the wedding!
She did such an awesome job on their hair. 
Didn't love mine as much and actually took it out and redid it myself later lol. 
I'm loving my hair long these days. 

Natassja and Travis were sealed at 1pm in the LDS San Diego Temple. 
We couldn't get anyone to watch the kids so I had to go in without David (which was kind of a bummer) 
It was really cool to have 5 out of the 6 siblings sitting there in the sealing room together. 
Jake, Colton, Jocelyn and I got to sit directly across from Natassja which was awesome. 
Hearing the words from the ceremony brought back the memories of my own sealing to David and I couldn't help but get emotional. 
I love attending weddings at the temple. 

Jocelyn, Sophia and I were bridesmaids. 
I LOVED our sparkly dresses. 
It was so fun to dress up. 
Natassja made a BEAUTIFUL bride. 
After the sealing we took photos in the sunshine lol. 

Idk why we took so many kissing photos that weekend. 
I guess I was just feeling the LOVE in the air. 
The reception later that night was held on a boat in the San Diego bay.
It was so beautiful! 
I was so nervous about dealing with the kids and the open water all night.
Turns out it was just as rough as I predicted. 
David and I were separated all night, tag teaming the kids-
keeping them from falling down steep flights of stairs between the decks, and climbing over the railings. 
Honestly, it was kind of miserable lol
Next time we will def be getting a sitter. 

Olive had the most fun and enjoyed the dancing and the open candy bar. 
Frances and Wolfe were grumpy and tired. 
Remington got sick on the boat and was lying in a corner crying most of the ride. 
It was quite the experience, i'll tell ya what.  

Before the kids went bat shit, we did get a few nice photos together. 
The view was INCREDIBLE!

Thanks for the panorama stevie ;)

The next morning we said our goodbyes, checked out and headed to the beach before we headed home. 
The kids were OBSESSED!
We could've spent the entire weekend there. 
They were crying when we had to leave. 
We totally want to plan another weekend get a way and just make it a beach trip. 
Everyone got their last set of clean clothes soaking wet, so they stripped down to their undies. 

The ride home was actually quite pleasant. 
I was surprised at how well Wolfe traveled. 
All in all, it was a nice little trip. 

We are just so excited to have Travis in the family!!!
(Frances especially loves her uncle "Traa-bis")
Congrats you two.

Also, a little footage from the beach. 
Watch to the end where Frances and Olive totally eat it lol.

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