Monday, March 5, 2018

30 things

David turned the big "30" last month and in honor of that I wanted to share 30 things I love about him/you might not know about him. 

1. He's getting hotter as he ages (like hott daaaaaaaamn) 
2. He's knows literally every single stat about every single player in every single sport ever played (seriously, it's insane) 
3. He's passionate about health and wellness. 
4. He loves our babies and wants more babies. 
5. He's always up for anything. 
6. He's the best cook in the family (seriously, we'd starve without him)
7. He doesn't complain, like ever. 
8. He's a natural leader. 
9. He's calm in emergency situations. 
10. He changes every diaper when he's home. 
11. He has the kindest and prettiest eyeballs. 
12. He serves me breakfast in bed every single day. 
13. He's works hard to reach his goals. 
14. He laughs at all the memes I send him. 
15. He has an amazing butt. 
16. He supports and whole-heartedly believes in me. 
17. He strives to be the best husband and father. 
18. His arms are protective. 
19. He'd rather be with me and the babies then anywhere else. 
20. He takes out the garbage and loads the dishwasher. 
21. He always kisses me goodnight. 
22. Despite his many gifts and talents, he is the most humble man i've ever met. 
23. He asks for my opinion. 
24. He's dependable. 
25. He loves a good head scratch. 
26. He hardly ever spends money on himself. 
27. He makes me laugh. 
28. He never holds a grudge. 
29. Italian food is his absolute favorite. 
30. He loves with is whole heart. 


Friday, February 23, 2018

no more babies sleeping in our bed

Not only has Wolfe been moved into Remington's room, he is legit sleeping through the night!
We've been co-sleeping for a majority of the last 6 years. 
We kept each baby in with us for at least their first year of life. 
We are navigating this new phase of our lives and it's so weird/totally awesome. 

NOW, no babies in our room/bed and no babies in my belly AND Wolfe is showing signs of weaning too and i'm like, what the?!

We love having our room/bed back. 
When we first moved him over it was more of an adjustment for us not having him in there. 
I kept waking up in the middle of the night freaking out and disoriented, shaking David awake asking where the baby was. 
So there was that and then waking up to full leaky boobs and a puddle of milk in the morning. 
It's been about 4 weeks now and we are all getting a full nights sleep. 

Remington loves having Wolfe in there. 
He says he can't wait till he's out of the crib and bunking up with him. 
It's so cute to hear Remington reading to him at night before bed. 
My heart just melts. 

I just love these boys so much!
I'm so lucky to be their momma. 
^^These cute bow ties from HERE

Thursday, February 15, 2018

No more diapers for FRANCIE GIRL!

Over the past year we've been watching for the signs that Frances was ready to potty train. 
Every time we brought it up, she'd be like, "nah, i'm good" 
"I'm a baby not a big girl"

So we were like whateves and went on with life. 
Then a few weeks ago we checked out a book from the library about how big girls don't need diapers anymore because they get to wear undies!
It talked about how mommas and grandmas and aunties all where undies because they are big girls too. 
SHE LOVED IT and made me read it over and over. 
"Tasha wear undies too!?"
(she's obsessed with her aunt natassja) 

It wasn't until she heard that her friend Mila (who is just a day younger than her in age) was going peeps on the potty and she finally wanted in on that action. 

And that was that. 
She took the lead, said "bye bye" to diapers because "I'm a big girl now!" 
Just like Olive, she literally taught herself. 

It's been like stupid easy, I almost can't believe that kids can do that themselves. 
I guess it goes to show, that MOST kids will just do it when they are ready and there is no need to stress out and force them. 

Anyways, it's so nice to have only ONE kid in diapers. 
(way less diaper laundry)
I forgot what that was like, it's been so long lol. 

Her little buns are so cute in undies. 
She picked out a new pack of peppa pig and rainbow ones. 
I can't believe she's going to be three this spring, AH!

Way to go Francie pants, we are so proud of you!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

San Diego

Last weekend we drove over to San Diego to celebrate the marriage of my baby sister Natassja to her hubby Travis!
It's only about a 5ish hour drive from Phoenix buuttttt the kids were SO ROUGH on the way down, it took us about 7 hours with all the stops we had to make.
I am just not cut out for the road trip scene. 
I do not enjoy it at all and It totally stresses me out. 
I was smelling my oils the whole way down to help me keep calm lol. 

We got in Friday afternoon and David took the kids straight to the pool while I caught up with aunts, uncles and grandparents. 
We got in soo much catch up time with all of the extended family since we all stayed in the same hotel. 
Every evening we'd gather in the lobby area and circle around and visit. 
Some of my favorite memories as a child were staying up and listening to the conversations between my momma's side of the family. 

Friday night my mom threw a bridal shower at a restaurant so I got to tag along kid free while David put the babies to bed. He sent me this snap shot while I was out. 
The fell asleep FAST as they were exhausted from swimming and the drive down. 

Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise. 
We got dressed and headed down for breakfast where we met with all of the other family members who had kids under 5 years old. 
No one gets to sleep in on vacation with kids, haha!

After breakfast I went down to the gym to workout and the babies enjoyed the cable tv. 
I came back and Wolfe was peeking out the window. 

After the gym I met up with my momma and sisters to get our hair done for the wedding!
She did such an awesome job on their hair. 
Didn't love mine as much and actually took it out and redid it myself later lol. 
I'm loving my hair long these days. 

Natassja and Travis were sealed at 1pm in the LDS San Diego Temple. 
We couldn't get anyone to watch the kids so I had to go in without David (which was kind of a bummer) 
It was really cool to have 5 out of the 6 siblings sitting there in the sealing room together. 
Jake, Colton, Jocelyn and I got to sit directly across from Natassja which was awesome. 
Hearing the words from the ceremony brought back the memories of my own sealing to David and I couldn't help but get emotional. 
I love attending weddings at the temple. 

Jocelyn, Sophia and I were bridesmaids. 
I LOVED our sparkly dresses. 
It was so fun to dress up. 
Natassja made a BEAUTIFUL bride. 
After the sealing we took photos in the sunshine lol. 

Idk why we took so many kissing photos that weekend. 
I guess I was just feeling the LOVE in the air. 
The reception later that night was held on a boat in the San Diego bay.
It was so beautiful! 
I was so nervous about dealing with the kids and the open water all night.
Turns out it was just as rough as I predicted. 
David and I were separated all night, tag teaming the kids-
keeping them from falling down steep flights of stairs between the decks, and climbing over the railings. 
Honestly, it was kind of miserable lol
Next time we will def be getting a sitter. 

Olive had the most fun and enjoyed the dancing and the open candy bar. 
Frances and Wolfe were grumpy and tired. 
Remington got sick on the boat and was lying in a corner crying most of the ride. 
It was quite the experience, i'll tell ya what.  

Before the kids went bat shit, we did get a few nice photos together. 
The view was INCREDIBLE!

Thanks for the panorama stevie ;)

The next morning we said our goodbyes, checked out and headed to the beach before we headed home. 
The kids were OBSESSED!
We could've spent the entire weekend there. 
They were crying when we had to leave. 
We totally want to plan another weekend get a way and just make it a beach trip. 
Everyone got their last set of clean clothes soaking wet, so they stripped down to their undies. 

The ride home was actually quite pleasant. 
I was surprised at how well Wolfe traveled. 
All in all, it was a nice little trip. 

We are just so excited to have Travis in the family!!!
(Frances especially loves her uncle "Traa-bis")
Congrats you two.

Also, a little footage from the beach. 
Watch to the end where Frances and Olive totally eat it lol.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I was sifting through my blog rough-draft posts and found this little gem that never got published! 
Is this even the same baby!?
What the heck!?


Monday, January 15, 2018


^^"Winter" in Arizona. 

Oh my hecking heck!
HOW are we half way through January already!?
I can't believe how fast Christmas and New Years came and went. 
It was a super busy holiday season for us. 
All my siblings were home for the break so we spent a lot of time catching up together. 
Family during the holidays is just the best. 
I stayed busy the entire month of November and December with my photography business and then a few days before Christmas my computer CRASHED.
According to Apple our 2009 iMAC is vintage lol.
It turned out to be the hard drive and was a costly fix but it seems like almost everything was recovered, THANK GOODNESS!
*Reminder to back up all of your files in 3 places guys*
I started working with DoTERRA selling essential oils back in October and it's been keeping me BUSY!
I love teaching classes and sharing my knowledge about them. 
They have totally changed our lives and I'm so mad no one told me about them before. 
It's been a nice way to bring home some income on the side too. 

Along with that I've been hitting my health and fitness goals HARD this year. 
I'm feeling super motivated/dedicated to getting in a better spot physically.
(documenting all that over on my insta @bigmommaolsen)
Number one goal for this year is NO BABIES in 2018! 
I'd realllllly love a few years break with out being pregnant and or nursing. 
We will see how that goes lol. 

David has been graduated for five months now and there are STILL no job leads in sight. 
He can hardly get a call back for an interview... 
As you can guess, it's a bit depressing and feels a bit hopeless actually. 
He's been networking like crazy and everyone he's reached out to says his resume is amazing, so I don't know what the deal is. 

He does a better job than me at staying positive. 
Logically, I know something will pan out. 
It always does. 
The LIMBO LAND though, kills me. 
I feel like that's kind of been our life the last couple years lol. 

We are so thankful that he is currently employed and we are getting some income but I have to tell ya, I am so over the freaking paycheck to paycheck nonsense. 
Behavioral health is not exactly lucrative. 
We put in the work, I WANT THE REWARD, NOWWWWWW. 

He's been tossing the idea around of going back and getting his BSN degree so he can have that to fall back on and then work his way up the ranks with his MHA that way. 
Logistically it sounds like a really good plan. 
It's a rigorous 16 months of courses and clinicals and it's full time so he'd have to quit his job which totalllllly freaks me out. 
Living on student loans again!?
Can we even cover our expenses with that?!
Can we stay in our rental?
Do I need to work nights somewhere!?
Ahh, there's just A LOT to think about. 

We still need to fast and pray for a bit since we are giving ourselves to the end of February to make a decision. 

In other news, Remington is READING. 
He's like well beyond his grade level. 
It still shocks us when he picks up a book and starting reading out loud like it ain't no thang.
He is just totally growing up before our eyes into a such a big KID! 

Olive is still obsessed with preschool and will occasionally cry when I pick her up because she doesn't want to leave, lol. 
She loves to pick out her outfit and accessories every night for the next day and has started to become very particular how we do her hair. 
It's adorable. 

Francie pants looooved having the older kids go back to school just so she could go back to her one on one time with me. 
At any time of day you can find her clutching an armful of tiny baby dolls or kitty cats. 
She carries her little purse with her everywhere and  always asks if she can put on lipstick. 
She's getting to the point where we could probably start potty training but every time it's brought up she says "no, I still a baby."
So that's that I guess lol. 

Wolfe is busy as ever. 
His new favorite thing is to be let loose to wander as he pleases in the backyard and front yard. 
He's just stopped putting everything in his mouth, so i'm a little more relaxed about it. 
He loves to have free range. 
I just wish we had GRASS for them to play on, whomp whomp. 
Our goal for him in the next couple months is to move his crib to Remington's room. 
I think he is allllmost ready. 
I. can't. freaking. wait. 
So that's what we've been up to lately! 

Next month we are looking forward to my sister Natassja's wedding, our 8th wedding anniversary and David's 30th birthday. 

Time just keeps on ticking man.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy First Birthday, Wolfe!

Wolfe turned ONE on January 4th.
He's been feeling pretty crummy so we kept it suuuuper low key.
We sang, the kids ate donuts and he got a new water bottle and his favorite snacks!
I had a tiny moment of momma gilt that we didn't do a big party like we'd done for the other kids, but life has been so gosh dang CRAZY.
(Fourth child probs)
Keeping things simple is about all I can handle right now.
Hopefully he won't hold that against me when he's older lol!

I can't believe this nugget has been with us a whole year already.
He has blessed our lives so much.
I can't remember what life was like before him!?
He is definitely the best kind of "surprise" baby anyone could have asked for.
He's jumped from baby to little man-toddler in the past few weeks and it's awesome/slightly breaking my heart.
We can't wait to see more of his little personality come through this next year!
I love this stage.

Happy birthday sweet Wolfie, wolfe.

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