Monday, May 24, 2010

Lets get a little mud on the tires

David and I ditched church early (don't be hatin') to go for a therapeutic Sunday drive. We headed south of the berg into the "moutains" to a place called kelly Canyon. The sun was shinning and there was just a slight breeze from the east. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful! After 40 min of wide open country road we neared that gravel path of the canyon and were pleasantly surprised at the beauty we beheld. See for yourself!

Pretty, No?

The infamous creepy swing set in the middle of no where...I think its kinda romantic

I have a not-so-secret obsession with moo cows! David just reminds me the cute little calves will be big juicy Big Mac burgers someday.

We drove further the canyon and came across SNOW...nothing new to us Eastern Idaho folk. I thought the setting was simply picturesque and couldn't resist snapping a shot.

Please note the delicious rump. Be jealous. I've been working hard.

My handsome man. Again, be jealous :)

Davids crinkling his nose because he can smell the urine on my legs after an unsuccessful attempt at pollinating the forest floor. That moment was also captured on film but I decided against sharing it with you all. :)

We ended our little Sunday sojourn with a muddy jeep (both inside and out), a pair of heels that need desperate cleaning, and another memory created.

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