Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sojourn to the South

David and I spent our extended Memorial Day weekend in American Fork, Utard. Nestled under the majestic Mt Timpanogos, American Fork is where my hubbster grew up and where his parents currently reside. We decided to go at the last min after some works shifts where switched and such. And we are so thankful we went! It was the perfect time for a vaca, just what we needed. The weather was oh so gorgeous and warm.

We visited the Prophets graves in Salt Lake on Sunday.

I love those Utah mountains!

IKEA!!! I max out our credit card every time we visit.

This is what happens when I whine about being tired :)

The view was breathtaking...

Papa Olsen sportin' the Stunna Shades

David looking handsome as usual. I think the smoke got in his eyes? lol

Mug Shots

Our new eco-friendly shoes!

1 comment:

TaraMarie said...

Duuude Jess...we still haven't gotten together. Haha..I love your pics. Gav got a new camera and we don't have the usb to get the pictures off we have a pictureless blog...i need to get on that.

Anyways. You guys are cute. Let's play someday.

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