Saturday, June 12, 2010

when the going gets tough, the tough go green

Climate change is a major hot topic in the news. It seems like everyone is “going green.” Even if you believe global warming is a bunch of bull or not, we as human beings living of this earth still have environmental stewardship or responsibility for our environmental quality. Just so it’s clear, we are in no way, shape or form, granola’s or tree hugging environmentalist. Heck we love our guns, big gas-guslin’ trucks and burning who- knows- what in the camp fire…We just thought it would be fun to share what little changes we are making in our lives to help conserve and keep this planet beautiful!
ONE-ELECTRICITY: Energy Saving Light Bulbs. When we moved in, we decided to buy and Install compact florescent light bulbs to save money on our electric bill. But I seriously can’t STAND that “florescent hue” they give off. It hurts my eyes for some reason PLUS its bad lighting for putting on makeup anyhow….so after a few weeks of innocent and harmless whining, David and I came to a compromise and changed just a few of the light bulbs back. haha.
TWO-WATER: Peeing in the shower. (Seriously, I’ve been a pro at this since forever…just ask my sisters, we used to bathe together haha. ) If you pee in the shower everyday for a year, you conserve approximately 1095 gallons of water (give or take a few) by not flushing the toilet. This is probably our favorite and most creative way to “go green”
THREE-FOOD: Buy in bulk. Being raised in the Mormon culture, this is by no means a foreign concept for us. After leaving home for my college experience it was weird grocery shopping for one person and not 8+! Now after being married a few months, I’ve had to again adjust to cooking/baking (yes its true I do cook on occasion) and grocery shopping for a whole army! David accounts for 3 or more people depending on the time of day. This weekend we became members of Sam’s Club. We are stoked to save money and packaging by buying food in bulk.
FOUR-GAS: I survived two years in Rexburg without a car. And now that I have one, it’s been a lot easier to use it to get to places I previously would have walked to. Since the summer is finally starting to shine through here in the arctic state, David and I try to walk or bike to work, school, gym etc. We save, save SAVE on the cost of petrol, parking on campus (or rather fighting for your life to find a spot) and it helps by improving our cardiovascular health and reducing our risk of obesity…(which would be a total no no for two exercise physiology majors like ourselves)
FIVE-Other: Reusable grocery bags. This is one that we have not yet tried but are planning on. OK, ok.. honestly, we just laugh when we see people hauling in their little tarp-like recycled bags into the store. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good idea. I have bags for my bags just lying around taking up room in our little apartment; we may as well put them to good use or “Reuse” rather. Hahaha
Happy Green Day!
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madison said...

dear jessica: one, i love this blog. two: omgoodness you sooo are from oregon.

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