Saturday, July 31, 2010

Patience Grasshoppers

The P90X post and pictures are coming people. Sheesh.

In the meantime, I made myself sick off these. My poor stomach couldn't take it. But dough 'nut they look delectable? heehee

Yes, I drive the short bus.

I started a new job a few weeks ago. I found it on Craig's List and when I was called for an interview it wasn't until I excepted and started training that I found out what I was really getting myself into...

Its a transportation company called Summit Transportation. Initially I thought It would be like a taxi-cab service. Boy was I way off. It turns out that this company is set up by Medicaid to transport mentally and physically disabled persons from their homes to their doctors appointments and so forth. After one day of training, I knew I was meant to do this kinda stuff because I LOVE MY JOB!

I mostly drive around little youngsters and really really really old people. These kids have seriously made a huge impact on my life. They are truly little celestial spirits. Everyday is an adventure with them. I always come home with a story to tell.

One of my favorites is ADORABLE 13 year old Mexican boy who has down-syndrome. The first week I drove him home, he always asked to sit in the front seat with me. On this one particular day, my van was packed FULL of chattering little munch-kins. I noticed this boy sitting in the front seat next to me intensely staring at me. Our convo went as followed-

Me: "What are you looking at sweetie?'
Boy: "Miss. Jess-Kah, you have a mustache" (as he proceeded to point to my upper lip)
Me: "Oh, What? I do not!" (suddenly feeling self-conscious about my blonde peach-fuzz)
Boy: "yes you do!" (still pointing)
{Que in hysterical giggles of the childrens seated behind me.}
Boy: "you have a mustache!!" (now chanting and childrens continue hooting)

Seriously? What could I do. I couldn't get mad. He didn't know better. He was just pointing out what he saw...? I just took it like a man and laughed with them.

So yes, they are adorable and at times brutally honest. But I love them. and they love me. And i'm positive i'll have more stories to share.

{Home-made name tag by muah}

oh to be sixteen again

Remember being 13, 14, and 15, counting down the years, months and days until you turn that magical number 16! Its like a mile stone birthday in the LDS culture! Well this month my baby sister JOCELYN IVY turned 16!!! . Seriously? I feel like I turned 16 like yesterday...

Josie and I shared a bed for as long as I can remember. We also took showers together. People think that’s weird, but if you’ve grown up in a big family, it’s just more convenient that way. Growing up, Josie was always the favorite (don’t deny it mom, we all knew it) Her sweet gentle temperament made her look like an angel compared to the rest of us hooligans. As the middle child, she at times was lost amongst the crazy attention whores me and my siblings were, but she always found her way to out shine us. She’s hands down has the book smarts of the entire family. She is self- taught fluent in Japanese for heaven’s sake! She also is the queen of musical instruments. Anyone she picks up she can master in like days.
Josie is such an example to me. She posses character traits and amazing talents that I aspire to have. We have defiantly had our share of dumb sisterly squabbles, but as we’ve grown older I’ve begun to appreciate the friendship that we have and the memories we share. So here is to you Miss Jocelyn Ivy, a glimpse of our fabulous lives together! Happy Birthday doll!


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