Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So its kinda official....

...that Davey boy and I will be packing up our lives here in 'ole Rexburg and heading down to UT come SUMMER 2011. Super Stoked (:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"He told me that he loved me"

I love Sundays. Today especially has been a good one. As I sit here snuggled up in my robe listening to the sound of rain trickling down outside and getting the occasional whiff of my pumpkin scented candle I can't help but be grateful. My heart is overflowing with love for my Savior. I can't believe how absolutely blessed I am. I also can't believe how much has changed in the past couple years and how life feels like it is set on fast forward. Today I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to pull out some of my old journals. 

Journal writing has always been a big part of my life. I am so glad that I kept up with it so long .I love going back and reading about different events that seemed so important to me at the time. Its amazing to see the transformation from little girl, to prepubescent teen to womanhood just in my writing. I have come so far both 
emotionally and spiritually. 

This is part of an entry I wrote a year ago-

October 19, 2009
Dear Journal,
He told me he loved me...
He called me on his lunch break. He works the late shift. 
I cried. My heart is swollen and full of love
I love him too.
It scares me how fast it is all happening. 
At this point i'm not even going to worry whats going to happen in the future.
I love him and I want to cherish every moment I have with him.
...Oh life is just wonderful! I just want to sing and dance and never stop smiling. 
I am in LOVE and OH does it feel so wonderful...

{make sure to check out our Halloween party post below :) }

Halloween Par-tay

Last night David and I hosted our first annual Halloween Par-tay! It was loads of fun! Miriam D. helped me make the invites and decorate the place. We frosted sugar cookies, ate lots of chili, watched "the Birds", played wii and enjoyed each others company. It was a nice way to wrap up a stressful week of mid-terms

Personalized invites!

Delish sugar cookies!
Spooky decor 

Blue was even partyin
David with baby Carter!

Cole and Rachel masticating some chili and furitos 

Baby Carter and his hottie momma Alyssa
What a babe! Miriam showin off her mad art skills
Vanessa (mirs sister if you can't tell lol) and her adorable bf Mike

Playing Wii
Playing the the babes :) (I really want one)


and one last one of the baby haha

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Like Really?

Yesterday I got pulled over for the first time EVER!!!!

There I was driving my little short bus in the middle of nowhere Idaho when

 a SIREN sounded and LIGHTS flashed.


25 over the speed limit!?

What? Seriously? out here in the middle of NOWHERE?


150 buck ticket,

On the job.

 (and the insurance was expired!!!!)

not even a nice friendly warning.

I blubbered like an idiot

and David laughed.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

We live for the weekends....

What we did this weekend-

  • My girl Miriam D. came over. We were supposed to study and do our Friday P90x leg workout. Instead we stuffed our faces with TEXANOS from Rameriz, munched on sour patch kids and watch 5 epidoes from the 1st season of Nip/Tuck. (if you've never tried a texano you havn't lived! chicken, potatoes, sour cream and hot sauce rolled into one delish fatty mc fat fat, grease monkey burrioto)
  • Made chocolate chip pancakes from scratch. If you really know me, that is a really big deal. Def will be a reused recipe!
  • Davey and I went on a hot date to la gran cuidad de Idaho Falls. We partook of the wonderous pumpkin-pie cheesecake from Olive Garden and laughed our bums off at the Cinemas. 
  •  I fit into a church skirt I haven't been able to wear in a LONG TIME! (mini victory! YAHH!)
  • Sunday siesta = best thing ever. Especially when the rain is trickling down outside.
  • Lastly, David made yummy enchiladas and now I have a food baby. 
Hope everyone had a good weekend! 

PS. i just realized that almost everything i mentioned had to do with some type of food. Fail. hahaha. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today one of my special kids messed himself.
all over the back seat
and all over his cute little bum.
I'm not even joking- It exploded ALL the way up his back
 and filled his little pantalones.

it was disgusting.

Ready to be a mommy now?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

stepping over black cats

 RANDOM BUT IMPORTANT updates!!!!!! I'm going to sum up whats been going on lately in bullet points and pictures. Simply because i'm lazy and Davey and I have this 'ole beauty to study up on tonight!

Firstly, Daveyboy surprised me with a Romantic night stay-over in Park City, Utard! This is how I felt about it…..

Hahaha  NOT…but I was super tired when we got to the hotel.

 We shopped till we dropped at the outlet malls and went sight-seeing through the quaint little old town. I got some killer deals and ended up with some HOTT fall/winter apparel. One of my fav purchases is this long white pea-coat. classic!

AND the surprises didn't end there... :D

 David also picked me out my very own a strand of salt water pearls! I almost wet myself from excitement. 'twas an amazing surprise weekend and very much needed get-a-way.

{Pretty drive up a canyon in PC}

Despues de la noche romatica to Park City we partied it up with the in-laws in American, Fork and enjoyed a laid back Sunday watching Conference, eating delish momma cooked food, and drawing pictures!

{SIL Dianna-Rew. }
{david didn’t like his lol}

{papa olsen}
Other random exciting news...

 We FINALLY picked out curtains. Our living area is le finished and looking beautiful.

{I love me a handy man}

 David purshased this sucka from Maverik. Its pretty much his BFF at the moment. A whopping 100 oz. You should see the looks he get from the juice heads a the gym. haha

My girl Rachel M. wanted to go get some hair extensions from Sally's. We purchased the clips, thread, needles and 6 feet of hair that measured 12 inches long and had a crafting party on a Sunday afternoon while the boys watched el futbol americano. 

{real human hair}

{6 feet long. It was fascinating and has its own distinct smell. Not a bad smell. Just a stand-out from regular hairs on my head smell}

OF course the hair turned out to be only as long as our hairs. (lame) PLUS it is un-returnable (double-lame) well they make for thicker hair I guess

 {boys "watching" football. I love these pictures}

 Oh and lastly,
 I did almost kill myself tripping over a dang ‘ol cat. I’m not sure if it was black or not. Stupid cat.
Happy October! 

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