Tuesday, October 5, 2010

stepping over black cats

 RANDOM BUT IMPORTANT updates!!!!!! I'm going to sum up whats been going on lately in bullet points and pictures. Simply because i'm lazy and Davey and I have this 'ole beauty to study up on tonight!

Firstly, Daveyboy surprised me with a Romantic night stay-over in Park City, Utard! This is how I felt about it…..

Hahaha  NOT…but I was super tired when we got to the hotel.

 We shopped till we dropped at the outlet malls and went sight-seeing through the quaint little old town. I got some killer deals and ended up with some HOTT fall/winter apparel. One of my fav purchases is this long white pea-coat. classic!

AND the surprises didn't end there... :D

 David also picked me out my very own a strand of salt water pearls! I almost wet myself from excitement. 'twas an amazing surprise weekend and very much needed get-a-way.

{Pretty drive up a canyon in PC}

Despues de la noche romatica to Park City we partied it up with the in-laws in American, Fork and enjoyed a laid back Sunday watching Conference, eating delish momma cooked food, and drawing pictures!

{SIL Dianna-Rew. }
{david didn’t like his lol}

{papa olsen}
Other random exciting news...

 We FINALLY picked out curtains. Our living area is le finished and looking beautiful.

{I love me a handy man}

 David purshased this sucka from Maverik. Its pretty much his BFF at the moment. A whopping 100 oz. You should see the looks he get from the juice heads a the gym. haha

My girl Rachel M. wanted to go get some hair extensions from Sally's. We purchased the clips, thread, needles and 6 feet of hair that measured 12 inches long and had a crafting party on a Sunday afternoon while the boys watched el futbol americano. 

{real human hair}

{6 feet long. It was fascinating and has its own distinct smell. Not a bad smell. Just a stand-out from regular hairs on my head smell}

OF course the hair turned out to be only as long as our hairs. (lame) PLUS it is un-returnable (double-lame) well they make for thicker hair I guess

 {boys "watching" football. I love these pictures}

 Oh and lastly,
 I did almost kill myself tripping over a dang ‘ol cat. I’m not sure if it was black or not. Stupid cat.
Happy October! 


The Lovelands said...

JESS!!! I love love love your coat!!! I"m so jealous! And I love you both.

Steve and Alana Nelson said...

love love your coat- where didyou get it? we are going to pc this weekend. i think i may wanna be a copy cat ;) and um are you a hter or something? we live n orem. an AF is like 2 seconds away. we should get some ice cream or do dinner next time you are in town!

Visit Park City said...

We are happy you two had a great time in Park City. The picture in the canyon is beautiful, please post to our Facebook page when you become a fan of Park City, www.facebook.com/parkcityUT

David and Jessica Olsen said...

Thanks KATE!
ALANA- I got the coat from Old Navy. and YESSS i want to come play when we come down again.

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