Sunday, October 17, 2010

We live for the weekends....

What we did this weekend-

  • My girl Miriam D. came over. We were supposed to study and do our Friday P90x leg workout. Instead we stuffed our faces with TEXANOS from Rameriz, munched on sour patch kids and watch 5 epidoes from the 1st season of Nip/Tuck. (if you've never tried a texano you havn't lived! chicken, potatoes, sour cream and hot sauce rolled into one delish fatty mc fat fat, grease monkey burrioto)
  • Made chocolate chip pancakes from scratch. If you really know me, that is a really big deal. Def will be a reused recipe!
  • Davey and I went on a hot date to la gran cuidad de Idaho Falls. We partook of the wonderous pumpkin-pie cheesecake from Olive Garden and laughed our bums off at the Cinemas. 
  •  I fit into a church skirt I haven't been able to wear in a LONG TIME! (mini victory! YAHH!)
  • Sunday siesta = best thing ever. Especially when the rain is trickling down outside.
  • Lastly, David made yummy enchiladas and now I have a food baby. 
Hope everyone had a good weekend! 

PS. i just realized that almost everything i mentioned had to do with some type of food. Fail. hahaha. 


madison said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i looooove it.

Anonymous said...

definitely NOT fail!! weekends to me are always all about eating! cute blog :)

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