Saturday, November 6, 2010

300 Spartan Cross-fit Challenge

What is it?

25-Pull ups
50-dead-lifts (135 lb bar)
50-box jumps
50-floor wipers (135 lb bar)\
50-  One arm Clean and Press 25 reps each arm (35 lb dumb bell)
25- Pull ups

The Challenge? Complete each exercise as FAST as you can! 
David did this workout every other day on his mission and lemme tell ya, he was ripped! 
I wanted to challenge myself and see where my fitness level was so we did this at the gym yesterday.

Just so you know, I cut the weight in half and simplified a few of the exercises. 

For example: 
The pull ups I completed on an assisted pull ups machine.
I used a 60 lb bar for the dead-lifts and the floor wipers.
I did the push ups on my knees and
For the one arm clean and press I used a 15 lb dumb bell

I finished in 22:51 secs. My goal was to finish in at least 30 min. I have NEVER been so wiped out in my entire life after a workout. Hands down one of the toughest workouts I have ever done. 

This morning I woke up in so much "good" pain. I could not even extend my arms my muscles were so tight. 
We're incorporating this bad-A workout it in our new fitness program each week. 

You guys should try it. I dare you! 


Joy Boggess said...

I don't know why you do all these crazy workouts. You already have a totally hott bod.

Kate said...

I read this post while laying in bed. Ironic?

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