Sunday, November 21, 2010

This always happen to me

I ALWAYS get sick during the holidays. 
On the bright side of things, I gave in and started decorating for Christmas early. I couldn't help it. It has looked liked Christmas time here in Rexburg since end of of October! I mean really, it went from this-

to this in like 3 days time.

But really, we are not complaining. This is DEF my fav time of the year. 
As far as our plans for el Dia de Gracias, D-boy and I are chillin here in the berg mostly because as the newest sandwich maker-er I got stuck working the whole week! Lamespice. But it should be fun, we have our whole week planned christmas shopping, baking and a whole lot of catching up on sleep. 
Here is some snap shots of our christmas decorating/shopping. 

Can we just talk about how the wreath just screams JESSICA!?

Wreath, Get on my door!

At K-MART they have this cute crafty-ish tree. Not my style, but really, how adorable?

Oh hay! Look at me posing in my rad pea-coat next to the awesome craft tree!

In the meantime, I will be trying really really hard to enjoy football with the hubby, sip on hot tea (caffeine-free duh) to soothe my sore throat and watch the snow falling beautifully outside my window.

Another perfect Sunday afternoon

1 comment:

Kieren said...

I am so jealous that you have SEASONS! Arizona is so boring sometimes.

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