Monday, December 13, 2010

Davids new hair style

Polly want a cracker?

The hair stylist would not put palm- made down lol.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

finals week, football and cinnamon roles

You know its finals week when...

You can't remember the last time you showered

You refer to every part of your body by its correct anatomical name ie which muscle it is, the origin insertion and action and which bone it corresponds with.

You forget what you're saying in the middle of your final math presentation because your brain is conjugating past-tense spanish verbs 

You have piles of clothes on the floor (clean and dirty), every dish in the sink (from a week ago) and a clogged shower drain... But you don't care because you don't shower anyways and who cares that you wore that same pair of jeans for the last 3 days

You fridge looks like this because you forgot to go grocery shopping

and lastly you find yourself counting down the days to academic freedom by the number of credit hours you have left...

oh finals week how we despise you. 

Here is what we did to ease our stress...
 Did you know Pillsbury uses ingredients to help you memorize things?! Who woulda thought.

I really liked my tights today and wanted to share them with you. 

 These are our need-more-sleep-or-i'm-gonna-bust-a-cap sexy faces

One more week then its PAR-TAY for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

oh and David just shared this commercial with me. 

He LOLs every time

Should I be worried?? 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kris Kringle Tradition and other weekend shenanigans

Davids family has a pretty sweet Christmas tradition. On the eve of the first Sunday in December, the kids set out a pair of shoes and Kris Kringle comes to fill them with small present and sweets! The tradition originated  a long long time ago back in Holland. Papa Olsen served his mission in Germany where they too celebrate Kris Kringle and Davids family has done ever since!

 It was so fun to wake up this morning and find a NEW pair of shoes filled with German chocolate and other little gifts! I can't wait to carry this tradition of with our future family.

Kris Kringle has a good taste in shoes
That chocolate was tempting me all morning before Church!

This weekend we did some more Christmas shopping and celebrated my girl Rachels 22 birthday at Big Judds. I was super stoked to go because i've never been before!

The burgers were OK the ice cream sucked and the fries weren't to shabby. Nothing to write home about. haha. David got sick almost immediately after finishing his burger so he wasn't to thrilled. 

Earlier that day  we were Christmas shopping for our first stockings, and we came across the following...

A rad pair of antlers. Next years Christmas cards hahahaha
 A duo of fashionable feathers trees. 

 An overpriced berry wreath

and this awesome-spice sparkle mirror. 

We found some beautiful stockings and now our little apartment is filled with Christmas cheer!
Our wee little Christmas Tree! 

 How beautiful is that stocking?

I love love love everything about this season. The yummy smells, the beautiful colors, the oh so delish baking, the music and the cold weather. Although this will be my frist Christmas ever away from my family, I am so happy to be celebrating our first Christmas together.

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