Tuesday, January 18, 2011

now for a little game

The first person who guesses what each of the these names describes WINS a Gator Jacks Sand-which on me. If you really really know me, this shouldn't be hard!

Blew me away
Tangerine Joy
Passion Fruit
Hip Hip
After Midnight
Dazzle me
Pink Ice
Pure Torture
Cajun Shrimp
Sweet Tooth
Miss Behavin'

Let the game begin!!!!!!


Joy Boggess said...

i am guessing that these are the flavors of that snow cone/shaved ice place in rexburg, and you are excited that they opened now! am i right?

Bryn and Sierra Charsley said...

dang,...im stumped!

How It All Began... said...

By george, I think I've got it. Names of colors of nail polish you own?

David and Jessica Olsen said...

hahaha angie you got it!!!!!!!!!!!!! come to see us and claim your free sandwich lol :D

How It All Began... said...

How ;bout next time I see you - you paint my nails one of your dazzeling colors??? I can't believe I actually guessed right. :) I guess Sunday conversations around the kitchen table are very insightful. Hope you're having a happy day!

Lauren said...

dude i'm excited tooo! we wanted to move into cambridge but they only had a two bedroom available =( lame!
and i would have guessed names for future children.
but um.... nope.

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