Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our First Christmas (and new years!)

Sorry it has taken so long to get this Christmas post up. We've been so busy with traveling, work and getting ready for the new semester that I totally lost track of time. Anywho, Christmas was amazing to say the least. Davey and I ventured down to Utard to spend it with his family. We ate lots, shopped lots and enjoyed tons of down time and good visiting. Of course I again became deathly ill Christmas eve but it didn't stop me from eating/partying till I dropped. It was my first Christmas season away from my family. I missed them soo much and we are looking forward to seeing them soon. In the meantime here are million pictures from our holiday accompanied by captions to explain them... Enjoy!

Packing up our gifts

We went to temple lights with Angie and Joe and Jacob and Rebecca. It was my second time ever!! 

This was my favorite tree. It was SOO beautiful!

Jacob showing me his spiderman skills

Beautiful Angie and Rebecca in the old tabernacle 
Dianna Rew being a punk

I love love love this picture!

This family was so cute in there santa hats. So i took a pic like a creeper :)

Christmas eve momma olsen taught me how to make fudge and her famous clam chowder. 

Dianna rew mixing shrimp dip (i'm still afraid to try it)

Papa olsen looking handsome

Showing off earings David got for me!
Sugar cookies Jacob and Rebecca made. I ate a whole plate by myself. 

Jacob looking so cute in his super-man jammies. if you look closely below he is practicing drawing the super man symbol!

Curses. The best game EVER. 
Davey stirring fudge. 

Kayton Faye and her adorable slippers

Christmas morning opening stockings and presents from Santa!!!!!!

We got each other white strips haha

one of my favorite christmas presents.

Dianna modeling her new outfits. 

We woke up with our bodies sunken to the floor due to a hole in the air mattress!  David wasn't too happy.

On monday morning we did a session at the Mt. Timp temple with davids parents. It was the busiest i have ever seen a temple! We had to wait 30 min in a line just to get into the chapel.
Mt timp where David and I met for the first time.

On the way home I cashed in a 1 lb gift certificate for See's that David gave me for Valentines last year. I always forgot to bring it when when we went down to Utah so we very much enjoyed it for the drive.

After the long trip back we came home to a broken water heater. No hot water and no heat! Our apartment was so freakin cold. 

 After a few failed attempts to fix it, david volunteered to boil water and wash my hairs.

For New Years eve we saw a double feature at the local dollar theater. We watched Life as we know it and Red. Both were very good movies. Later we counted down to the new year, watched the ball drop and toasted at midnight. I loved being with my sweetheart for the new year. This past year was loaded with up and downs and full of amazing memories. I can't wait to see what kind of adventures are in store for us this year and years to come. Booh yah. 

Happy New Year!


Cody said...

I love your blog...I am all caught up now...What fun you are having and awesome memories! Love you...Big hugs Tammy Tabler

The Lovelands said...

Jess- what's the bear in Dave's stocking? hahaha

David and Jessica Olsen said...

Kate- the bear is one of those sing-a-long was actually for his sister. It reminds me of a modern furby lol sooo annoying!!!!!!

The Lovelands said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA That's hilarious!

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