Monday, February 28, 2011

David's Birthday Part 1

Davey boy turned 23 years young on the 25th of February. Ma, Pa and little sister Olsen came down for the weekend to celebrate with us. I was originally going to surprise him with a fun themed birthday party but after weeks of 40+ hours at work I couldn't find a smidget of time to fit that in. So I opted for the easier route and we had a dinner party at TEXAS ROAD HOUSE.
I didn't even know one of these existed in this state!? Anyways, we had a blast. Our friends Jordan and Alyssa came with their cutie little babe C-Mike. My old roomies Kate and Miriam attended as well. David calls them "the girls" because they're are like our little college children and they have this cute father/daughter relationship haha. Miriam was on a blind date with Matt a super sweet guy I work with.
We consumed about 15 baskets of their famous scones/muffins (i don't know what they are lol) piles of fried pickles and cheesey fries. By the time our food came we were stuffed beyond belief. I pretty sure I still have a food-baby.

Stay tuned for what we did after dinner. I'm positive you will laugh you bum off!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Year

Last Sunday David and I celebrated our "one year" anniversary!  I can't believe how fast it came. I feel like i've known my man for evers. I am so grateful to be living my life with my best friend. We had an amazing year. We've grown so much since last February. It has truly been one of the most wonderful 12 months of my life. I know a lot of people say that, but its for reals. We have been so blessed to be able to attend school, have jobs and live so comfortably. We moved up to Rexburg with practically nothing to our names. Our jeep was packed with our cloths and that was it! We have come so far and we know that we wouldn't have been able to make it with out hard work and faith in our Heavenly Father.

To celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion we went all out. We dined at the most expensive restaurant in Idaho...Olive Garden. :) There we ran into my boss Chantell, and her husband,who where celebrating their 19th anniversary! After eating enough calories to sustain us for the rest of the week, we came home to our little apartment and had a sleep over in the living room.
The next day we stayed in and snuggled up to movies and popcorn. It was low-key, casual and just perfect.

We also ate our cake topper and lemme tell ya it was SOOO DELISH!!!!! NO JOKE!!! After letting it defrost for a day it tasted just like it did a year ago. We still keep it in the fridge and pick at it every now and then haha.

Here's to eternity!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Breakfast

Look what I got to wake up to this morning...

I'm am so lucky.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Dance

Today we baked Valentines-Nutella-Kiss-Cookies (we called them boobie cookies growing up lol) 

We saw ROOM MATE the new scary movie. (don't waste your money on it)

Miriam and Kate came over to get me sexyfied for my date with David. 

David took me to the 'night in paris' valentines dance on campus. We had so much fun. When we didn't feel like dancing to the 5th lame love song in a row,we sat, people watched, and giggled our bums off.

 Afterwards we stuffed our faces at Fong's Chinese and cuddled up to ESPN. I couldn't have asked for a better date night, cory love songs and all!

Monday, February 7, 2011

sick day

Today i'm home sick....again....
My right tonsil is enlarged to the size of a walnut.
It hurts to swallow, talk, cough, laugh etc.

I unfortunately  had to get a sub for my lesson yesterday....haha.

So while i'm stuck at home feeling miserable,watching an america's next top model marathon and folding piles of laundry, I decided to put my model skills to test and played with my iphoto booth for two hours.
Here are some of my favs.

Thats right. Tyra ain't got nothin on me.
Happy Monday

Sunday, February 6, 2011

scenes from a superbowl par-tay

1.Cole and Rachel came in Saints get-up and brought a football/cupcake dessert
2. we ate so. much. foooooooooooooooooood.
3.Jordan came in 49ers jersey.
4. Pretty sure baby Carter became the center of attention. how could you resist that face?
5. Oh and the Packers won. Woot woot!
6. and lastly, was it just me or were the commercials pretty disappointing this year? bummer.
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