Monday, February 28, 2011

David's Birthday Part 1

Davey boy turned 23 years young on the 25th of February. Ma, Pa and little sister Olsen came down for the weekend to celebrate with us. I was originally going to surprise him with a fun themed birthday party but after weeks of 40+ hours at work I couldn't find a smidget of time to fit that in. So I opted for the easier route and we had a dinner party at TEXAS ROAD HOUSE.
I didn't even know one of these existed in this state!? Anyways, we had a blast. Our friends Jordan and Alyssa came with their cutie little babe C-Mike. My old roomies Kate and Miriam attended as well. David calls them "the girls" because they're are like our little college children and they have this cute father/daughter relationship haha. Miriam was on a blind date with Matt a super sweet guy I work with.
We consumed about 15 baskets of their famous scones/muffins (i don't know what they are lol) piles of fried pickles and cheesey fries. By the time our food came we were stuffed beyond belief. I pretty sure I still have a food-baby.

Stay tuned for what we did after dinner. I'm positive you will laugh you bum off!

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