Saturday, March 12, 2011

a look-see at our weekend

One of the benefits of waking up at the butt-crack of dawn

new sun glasses :D
thats right David and I got mani/pedis boo yah my husband is bomb

the asian ladies were eating him up. it was super cute to listen to him chit chat.

on our way to Firehouse grill. Can we talk about how white I am next to him?

I was shocked to see how big the onion rings where. yumm!

we will NEVER go back to Firehouse grill. nasty food and nasty service. 

and for dessert....girl scout cookies and grocery shopping!!!!!

Hope you have a Happy Weekend!


How It All Began... said...

Funny, I thought Firehouse was a carwash because that's what it is here. Sounds like a great weekend.

Joy Boggess said...

that's our old apartment in the first picture!!! i kinda got sad when i saw it! i miss living by you guys! but i am glad you guys had a good weekend! sorry firehouse grill was terrible! i think they aren't doing so good...eric and i went there one time and they messed our order up really bad..the manager came and begged us to come back! it was sad!

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