Friday, April 29, 2011


Hey everyone. Its been a while. April is almost over and since i've been MIA this past month I thought i'd catch you up on whats been going on in our crazy fun lives. First off, can we talk about the blizzard that graced us last night? Come on're killing me...

Moving on-
April 6th I celebrated my 21st birthday. David through me this grandios surprise party that I ruined by not showing up. Its a long epic/sad story that I can now laugh at but I don't really want to get into the details...haha. If you would like to know what happened we can talk in person ok? 

After the surprise-party-drama we decided to lay low for a couple days and head out on our trip to AZ a day early. We stopped at McDonalds in IF to honor my big girl birthday status. It was the best McNuggets i've ever had. period. 

That night we drove down to Utard and spent the next couple days apartment shopping and spending time with the in laws. My bro and sis in law Joe and Angie made me a scrumptious healthy birthday dinner of Turkey pot pie. IT WAS SOO GOOD! 

We got up at 4am the next day to be at the airport. 

 Don't we look so good at 5am?
Thank goodness the flight is super short from SLC to PHX because I was soooo excited to see my family!!! We spent the next week relaxing in the arizona sun, chillin with the sibs and enjoying the company of my family. Here is a bung-hole of photos from our trip.  

My sister Jocelyn had Prom the night we got into town. Mom and all the sisters made a day of getting her all dolled up. 

She looked sooo good! 
While Jocelyn was dancing it up at Prom the rest of the family headed over to Rooster Roos a country saloon restaurant for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. 

 The ENTIRE Wood family was there.

 Colton Chase overlooking the valley
 Natassja Elise doing her thang.
 Sophia Collett being her little cute self.

Momma bear loving my hubbys big biceps. 
 The boys enjoying their food.

 On Monday, momma bear took the day off and we shopped the day away.
Welcoming in the sun! I almost forgot what it felt like. 
 First stop. Nordstroms Rack.
 We ate at our family favorite White Chocolate Grill.

David and I also started a love affair with the newest addition to the Wood family. Dolce!

 How could you not love her? ahhhhhh We are still experiencing withdrawals.

Feeling fried crispy.

We went to Sophia's basketball banquet where she received her first trophy. She got the most sportsmanlike award. 

 Papa bear aka FAJ is sooo handsome.

 Sophia wanted to take Dolce shoe shopping with us. David ended up being the shoe carrier and with the dog. He didn't mind. I thought it was a hot combo.
 Davids favorite part of the trip was driving out in the desert with the men to shoot some guns. I tagged along to show to show them who was boss. Some of the guns Dad supplied us were a Rem 700 vssf 223, rem 700 lss 300 rum, a colt trooper 357 mag, taurus 41 mag and a thompson encore 7mmbr.

 Target practice warm up.

 We shot at a cholla cactus 500 yards away.
 Both David and I are left handed shooters. I preferred the hand guns.

 Our sexy ear protection. The 300 Remington ultra mag (rum) still made me jump every time it was shot.

The best part of the day was when dad pulled out his  rem 223 and let the air out of a rock squirrel up on the hill. I was impressed at his shot! That squirrel didn't have a chance. As the body feel flat backwards the innards sprayed up in a "red mist". It was defiantly a father daughter bonding moment. 

 One day we took the kids out of school and went to do some mini golf. It was the cheesiest indoor course we've ever been too. But it was SOO fun!

The next morning we got up early and prepped ourselves for the hike up the infamous Camelback Mt! It was 85 degrees at 8am. 

 Beautiful 360 views of the Phoenix valley.

 We were so glad to be done. It hit 98 degrees on the way down and we were pooped. Natassja and I actually experienced some heat exhaustion. It was rough.
We spent the last days lounging by the pool soaking up as much sun as we could.

It had been since the wedding that i'd seen my family last. AKA WAY TO LONG! It was so good to be with everyone again. I couldn't believe how much all the sibs had grown. I love my family sooo much. I cried when we left. We are already planning our next trip!! 


Fantabulous Lil P said...

I miss you. I'm so so SO happy that you got to spend some time with your family!!! Such a blessing!

& (as if you didn't already know) you guys are HOTT!

The Lovelands said...

Holy smokes Davey boy got HUGE. I just adore you both. I'm so glad you got to go see your family!! Not Oklahoma anymore? And just because I'm nosey, I want to know about the surprise birthday mishap. :]

And I hate how skinny you are. I'm so glad you don't live in Utah yet so I don't have to embarrass myself. Dang girl.

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