Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easters and other April leftovers

This was the extent of our Easter celebration: 

My gal kate and I had the opportunity to attend "The Daybook Blogger Meetup." Let me tell you my fellow daybook stalkers... It was There was MAYBE 30 people there at one time. It was awkward beyond belief and her husband was way more fun to talk to haha. We had fun people watching the desperate girls trying to be just like Sydney. Anyways here are some snapshots of the evening.

Overall i've learned that Sydney is totally not as cool as she appears to be on her blog. She is just another regular -average- mormon -married girl who happens to be as big as my pinky finger and has an OK taste in cloths. Thats all. 

Happy May. 


Brittany said...

AMEN! DAYBOOK SUCKS...and you know what..i am even getting sick of reading it...:/ lets start our own effin daybook :)

Katie Webber said...

HAHA this is funny. I met her fall semester and, not cool. I stopped following her in like december because I was so sick of it. it's too bad, I really liked her for a while!

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