Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Series of Events.

People, its official, spring has sprung in Rexburg Idaho. I thought i'd never see the day. 

Kate turned 21! We celebrated at Olive Garden and the local bar in Rexburg aka Applebees. We giggled and reminisced all night. It was amazing. 

I watched this tutorial and fell in love with this scarf-braid thingy. I got felt so hippy-beachy-cool. It will be a essential summer look for me. 

David joined the track team here at BYU-I. He got shin splints and pulled his hammy two days ago.

I got a bike. (more to come)

Sparkle toes and my favorite new summer sandals. 

Showing off our Sunday outfits since that about the only time we really get dolled up these days. 

and finally, Kiwi face. 

Happy Friday. 

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