Friday, August 26, 2011

so long you sexy tight little pencil skirts...

HELLO soft comfy stretch waistbands!!

Seriously, this in-between "limbo fat-so" phase kinda blows. My cloths fit, but they're snug. Depending on the time of day they get uncomfortably snug...

This week at my 12 week checkup I had only gained .5 lbs, but can we talk about water retention!? OH my heck!! I am soooo thankful that the weather will soon be crisp and cool and I wont have to suffer through this heat. I foresee lots of leggings and chunky sweaters in the near future.

Speaking of comfy cloths I have to tell you my momma hooked this sister up this past weekend in Portland.  I can't wait to slip into these sassy outfits. It makes this body changing thing a bit easier when I feel cute in what i'm wearing.

As I inch closer and closer to the 2nd trimester it seems that i'm getting more nauseous and barfy. I have one particular barf story I'd like to share, but that'll have to been another post because I have to get ready for my first day of school tomorrow! Thats right, Saturday school. It should be illegal but we didn't have much to choose from so wish us luck!

Happy Weekend!

PS. Go see "the help". A-MAZE-ING!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

oh baby

Here I am 11 weeks pregnant today. So far its been a breeze. (knock on wood)  Practically no morning sickness whatsoever! I'm mean of course there are days I feel a little "nauseous" and food does not sound appealing but I haven't been puking my guts out. The biggest symptom I have experienced full force is EXHAUSTION! Holy crow I never knew anyone could be so tired!? The worst is when I have to get up and pee 3+ times in the early morning hours and can't fall back asleep. When that happens I just get irritated, wake up David and make him suffer with me. mwahaha.

We had our first appointment last Tuesday. I was sooo excited/nervous. It turned out to be totally anticlimactic. Just a basic get-ta-know you appointment. My blood was drawn, baby was measured and so forth. Coming from Rexburg I was expecting an ultrasound and maybe a sneak peak of the heartbeat since I was soo far along haha. All the clinics up there let my preggo friends get U/S as early as 6 weeks! When the Dr. told me that they only do U/S at 16-20 weeks to determine the sex, I felt totally cheated. I wanted a little black and white photo of our little bean! Anywho, we totally lucked out and Dr. ended up ordering  a U/S for us two days later because he wanted to make sure everything was growing at the right pace and such. We left the office on a cloud.

Thursday came and we had our U/S. It was one of the most surreal and spiritual experiences i've ever had. Until that moment it was hard to comprehend that there was actually something growing inside me. Turns out baby Olsen was getting along just fine. Ahead of schedule a couple days even! We watched as the baby squirmed around and his little hand was fist pumping. We got to hear the heartbeat, which the technician said was really strong at 173 beats/min. I was a blubbery mess the whole time. It was such a special moment. Motherhood is such a privilege and I am grateful that David and I get to enjoy this new adventure in our lives together.

Baby Olsen's first picture!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

we've been busy

Busy baby makin' that is!

Baby Olsen is making an appearance March 10, 2012!!!!!!!

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