Friday, September 30, 2011

the gender ultra sound

So as most of you have already heard, we are expecting a sweet little baby boy! (so much for that halloween gender reveal party haha) David and I couldn't be more elated. Heres how it all went down. 

At our 16 week appointment with the doctor we scheduled the anatomy/gender ultra sound for late October. I'd be about 19.5 weeks by then which according to this particular office is still "a little earlier than they like". Seriously, its only 3 days away from 20 weeks get over it. Anyhow, we'd been told by a few people about this fetal monitoring place in the mall that does a gender ultra sounds as early as 16 weeks. I did some research and found that the price was super reasonable and decided that we couldn't pass it up. So we caved a set an appointment at 17 weeks. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a two men in scrubs with very heavy eastern European accents. They had us fill out a release form basically saying that they weren't real medical drs ( just u/s techs) and couldn't diagnose your baby if something didn't look right and that they would try their best to determine gender but if the baby was is a bad position you still have to pay yada yada yada. 

We then are led back to dark room where there the equipment was and there was seriously enough chairs set up for a family of 15. We took our places and the ultra sound began. 

Holy cow what an amazing experience. The last time we saw our babes he was just a little blur of head and body on the screen. This time he looked like a real little human, and it made it so much more real for me. The tech just let us look for a min at his little body and features. One of his hands was up by his face and we could see all 5 little fingers curled up!

The shot below is my favorite. My baby turned over and was looking right at me. His big eyes where opening and closing and we watched as his hands went over his head and he yawned a great big yawn. By then the waterworks started, I looked over at David who was just in awe.  I don't even know how to put it into words. It was such a spiritual moment.

The tech then showed us his body profile. At this point he still couldn't determine the sex because the little stinker had his legs all tucked up and his other hand covering the money shot. I kept holding my breath off and on ( I heard that helps move the baby around? haha)  to see if he would move. Of course that didn't help.

Finally, the tech had me lay on my side and for a brief moment his little legs spread and wala! This was the clearest picture he could get. I kept asking him are you sure, are you sure its a boy? The tech in his heavy accent said, "He has a peepee. See the peepee there? 200% penis. You are having a boy!"

At this point I was so overcome with emotion. David was grinning from ear to ear. We got to listen to the heartbeat once more before it was over.

We were on a cloud for the next couple hours. I am growing a little boy ahhhhhhh! The best part was announcing to each of our families. They are all so excited.

We went and picked out a little sleeper and towel for our little man. Ducks are boyish right? We're hoping he is still a boy in 2 weeks when we go back into the Dr! March please come soon, we can't wait to meet our baby boy!!!!!


Travis and Lindsay said...

Wow, what an exciting adventure! A baby boy!! Ahhhh!! That's amazing. I'm so happy and excited for you!

Jared said...

So cool. You guys will do awesome!

How It All Began... said...

I'm in love with my little nephew! Wish I could come talk to your tummy. Guess that sounds weird huh?!? SO so so soooooo excited for you guys! And what a distinguished name he'll have!

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