Tuesday, October 11, 2011

how i met your father

I've wanted to write down our "meeting story" for quite some time now. Since this past September 25 marked our two year point, I figured I'd sit down and finally write it out. 

Well, I started writing and it was waaaaaaaaaaaay long. So instead, i've included LOTS of pictures and captions from that date to better illustrate out story.

Here it goes- 

This is Sarah P. She was my roomie in Rexburg that Fall semester. She was dating a guy named Mike O. who lived in Utah at the time. He invited us down for a fun packed weekend. I was to be set up with his friend so I wouldn't feel like the 3rd wheel. Mike told us to bring some cloths for a night hike that we would all be doing.

This is what I wore on the car ride down. It was 90 something degrees and I was planning on changing before the hike (obviously). Upon arrival at Mike's place we were introduced to Dave, Todd and Eric. Todd was to be my buddy for the weekend. Eric was married and Dave was tall and really quite. He made a really rude comment about my "modest dress." I was offended and remember telling Sara that, that Dave guy was a jerk.

This was the first picture taken of the group at the base of Mt. Timp. We started at 11:30PM  Left to Right, Eric, Sarah, Todd, Me, Dave.

Sarah and I wore only yoga pants, a t-shirt and a sweater. I assumed it was only a short hike and didn't think that the temp would drop below 30 degrees. We were freakin COLD!!!!! Dave offered me his sweater. I accepted reluctantly, still angry about his judgmental comment.

As the early morning hours drug on, Dave and I were leading the group. Before we knew it we were about a mile ahead of everyone. ( I was training for a half marathon at the time, so I was in wicked good shape ;) We made small talk about sports, school etc. He was really easy to talk to and the conversation flowed.

We reached the saddle at 4AM. Three hours before the sun was supposed to rise. (someone didn't time that well) At this point, we were exhausted, sweaty and seriously it was the coldest i've ever been in my life. We had the ultimate spooning party. (pictured above) For those of you who have hiked timp know that the saddle isn't very wide. It was definitely a rough 3 hours. 

Our first picture together. haha.

The sun finally peeped out at 7.07 AM. It was so beautiful and totally worth the painstaking cold.

Enjoying the sunrise and looking forward to the descent.

Beautiful view!

Dave and I got a head start on the way back. For awhile I felt bad for Todd, because I was supposed to be hanging with him. But Dave and I were getting along so well  and chatting up a storm. He was definitely charming.

Gorgeous canyon view!

We reached the cars at 10:30 AM. I remember plopping down in the passenger seat next to Dave who was in the drivers seat. He reached over and grabbed my hand, looking at me with those puppy dog eyes and told me he had a lot of fun hiking with me. I giggled and pulled my hand away as the rest of the group approached the car.

We headed over to JCW's in Highland. Everyone was starving! Afterwards we headed back to Todds place were everyone crashed on the living room floor for the rest of the afternoon. Dave had to be back up in SLC for work that evening and I volunteered to drive him.

When we pulled up to where his car was parked he walked around to the drivers side (where I was sitting) opened the car door and gave me a hug. He told me he wanted to see me again.

Sarah and I drove home the next day and I got a text got a text from a unknown number. It was Dave. Apparently while Sarah and I were in the bathroom at JCW's he grabbed my phone and called himself, giving him my number. (What a sly dog). We texted the whole drive home and for the next week. 

Finally, I said if he wanted to talk to me he had to call me. He did. For the next two weeks we talked on the phone every night for 4+ hours. 

He drove up for  weekend after conference weekend and we had our first date and our first kiss. It was magical. All that talking we did the past few weeks, I felt like I really knew this guy. After he left, I remember telling Sarah that I wasn't sure if I totally totally liked him. I was writing my high school sweet heart at the time (he was on a mission) and though I felt we really connected, I wasn't sure If I wanted a serious relationship. 

Of course that feeling changed and things moved fast. I met his parents that Halloween, we were engaged November 13, he met my parents over Christmas break and we were married February 20th. 
It was the typical mormon time line for courtship and marriage, BUT I think what set us apart from the typical was that we talked. We talked a lot. With us living long distance it was the only way we could "be together". I felt like I knew him and he knew me better than I knew myself. (if that makes sense?) 

Ok, wow this is getting long but there is our story in a nutshell! Now, nestled at the base Mt. Timp I am always reminded of that night 2 years ago. It will always have a little soft spot in our hearts and we will always be eternally grateful for Sarah, Mike and Todd for bringing us together. 

and of course, we continue to live our happily ever after. 


How It All Began... said...

What a wonderful story to remember! And might I add that the fact that you got my little brother to talk for more than a few minutes was a jaw dropping experience. I remember hearing about your phone converstations and thinking, "WOW! This must be the right girl!" And of course, you are!

Bryn and Sierra Charsley said...

Oh i love this story!! Im glad you finally wrote it down!!

Alana said...

i love the story! thanks for sharing doll.

Fantabulous Lil P said...

Yes. & I was left the lone woman in apt 120 in Birch plaza. ; ) It was 120, right? hahaha.

I'm so happy for you, Jessicas!

PS: You spelled my name wrong.
PPS: I know you were totes head over heels in love, but ... I was never "dating" Mike O. He never wanted to put a label on it, 'member?

Todd and Martha said...

Crying at the moment... Such an incredible story for such and INCREDIBLE family. Love you 3 (and a half!)

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