Monday, October 24, 2011

that time we went to the corn maze

For F.H.E this week, hubba and I headed to Thanksgiving point aka Cornbellies!!!!! It was my first time ever going through a corn maze. David thought it was weird that I wanted to go while it was still light outside. He should know better... i'm the biggest scardy cat I know. I like to see where i'm going ok? sheesh. We had a blast navigating through the corn. We went on a hayride and watched cute little piglets race. The best part was seeing all the little kiddies running around with their families. I can't wait to take our little guy next year.

Afterwards we headed over to JCW's (the one where got my number 2 years ago ;) and ate our brains outs. Seriously, you thought pregnancy could be uncomfortable, try having a twin food baby on top of that. Let just say my stretchy pants were squealing at the seems haha.

1 comment:

Tamazine said...

I love that you did the corn maze in the day!! that is the perfect time to do it :) Also.. JCW looks amazing! I'll have to go there the next time I'm in utah!

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