Wednesday, November 9, 2011

cravings part II and other pregnancy ramblings

I'm just a few weeks shy of hitting the last trimester! Can you believe it!????!!??
Where has the time gone!? Pregnancy has been easy-peasy. It's getting so fun now that I can feel our little guy moving around pretty much 24/7. It was such a sweet moment when David felt him kick for the first time last night. There were a few happy/excited tears shed. Anyways, to add onto this post I thought i'd share some of my intese cravings from this trimester. 

Chicken Top Ramen: Yea, I said it. I haven't eaten top ramen since middle school. I've eaten through 2.5 cases in the last few months. Good thing they're dirt cheep. 

Apples: get in my belly. I spent $$$ on a couple weeks worth of apples, honey crisp to be more specific. They were gone in 3 days. Lets just say I haven't had a problem being 'regular' thanks to these babies. 

Mountain Dew: I only get to indulge in this one once in a while. All the suger makes my stomach churn but oh does that first sip taste soooo good.

Toast: with butter and honey. Best when accompanied by hot coco. 

Starburst/Twix: These were my candies of choice during the Halloween season. We had no tricker treaters so I got to stash a couple bags mwahaha.

You'd think with this diet i'd be a cow by now. I've gained 8 lbs so far. Thankfully I've been healthy enough to keep on a solid workout routine. I think living on the third floor also helps a lot! Heaven knows I couldn't keep this hot bod with out some hard work and discipline ;) My handsome husband has also been a big support reminding me that pregnancy is NOT an excuse to eat for two and that I still look beautiful on those days when I look in the mirror all I see is a stretched belly-badonkadonk-harry beast woman.
Thank goodness for him.

Happy Hump Day

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madison said...

dude i love it. can't wait to see your babe grow more girl!

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