Saturday, November 12, 2011

Government Assistance

Today, as I was browsing my fellow "March 2012" pregnancy boards on babycenter, I came across this awesome/controversial 10 commandments for people receiving government assistance list. 
As full time employees, students and now expecting,  we have turned to government assistance programs and they have saved us during these tough times. It's amazing how judgmental and irritated people can become as we 'hold up the line' and use our WIC checks at the store. It's even more disgusting seeing the looks the front desk girls give us at the Dr's when you show them your Medicaid card. It's like we have a disease or something. Seriously, we pay our taxes and are not milking the system. I agree that there are those who do abuse it, but every situation is different
We are not embarrassed to partake in these programs. We are just trying to live our lives.
Someday the tables will turn. We'll be done with school and David will be a high rollin Chiropractor. I can't wait!!

The 10 commandments for people receiving government assistance:
1.       Thou shalt not have nice clothing, handbags, shoes, etc. It doesn't matter if they were gifts, second hand, or bought during better times. You are poor, and should look poor. How else will others identify you? 
2.       Cell phones, Internet, cable TV are all too good for you. It doesn't matter if you need them to look for work or to get an education or if they are the only entertainment your family has. It also doesn't matter if cancelling these services would result in major contract termination fees. 
3.       Thou shalt not spend food stamps on fancy foods. Velveeta and Wonder Bread are good enough for you. 
4.       Thou shalt look appropriately humiliated when using food stamps or WIC vouchers.
5.       Thou shalt pull yourself up by your bootstraps. If that doesn't work, thou shalt pull harder.
6.       Thou shalt not be seen in any vehicle nicer than a 1976 Dodge Dart. Ever. Never buy, borrow or accept a ride in anything nicer.
7.       Thou shalt sell every possession that is not absolutely necessary to sustain life. If you are not living a life as austere as a Buddhist monk is, you have too much and are sponging off the system.
8.       Thou shalt allow thyself to be scrutinized and criticized at all points by any taxpayer who wishes. After all, they are funding your lifestyle.
9.       Thou shalt not reproduce. Even if your children came at a time when you didn't need government assistance, you should have anticipated you would need it in the future and used a condom.
10.   Thou shalt remember that no matter what, it is your fault you are poor. You chose this.
Disclaimer: In case it is not obvious, this list is drenched in sarcasm. 


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