Tuesday, January 24, 2012

unofficially official.

We are moving back to Rexburg.

Unfortunately Utah Valley University is not working out for our academic time-line goals. Even with our current associates degrees, we are still required to take an additional 2-3 semesters more than we had planned. So we are headed back up to the chilly north after this semester. We already have an awesome apartment secured, we are now just anxiously waiting to hear the final admissions decision.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we prepare for these crazy next few months!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Arizona Christmas

Better late than never!

 David and I spent the most amazing 10 days down in Phoenix with my family. Like always, it was a very much needed vacation from work, school and normal everyday life. 

While we were there, there was lots of:

delicious calories consumed
belly touching
family poker games
black-mail worthy pictures taken
shopping trips
sister snuggling
embarrassing home videos watched
bum pinching
late night reminiscing and story telling
and best of all momma/daughter bonding.

Every year for Christmas Eve the family gets dolled up and we go out to eat at a new fancy restaurant. We went to an Italian joint this year. There was so much food, David was the only one still eating after when the actual entrees came out. Before we headed out Dad snapped some beautiful family pictures with his new camera. 

Christmas morning we got up early and attended a beautiful Sunday service then came home to homemade cinnamon roles and Christmas presents!!!!

And of course I spent some quality time with my favorite puppy dogs, Beau and Dolce

Unfortunately, I didn't get to document the trip as much as i'm known to because our camera when pa-toot! I can't wait for the family to come up to meet baby boy in a few short weeks. He's going to be spoiled rotten by his grandma, grandpa, aunties and uncles.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hospital bag

Last night baby boy gave us a big scare. Each night before bed, David and I look forward to playing with our little guy. He is so active, kicking and punching us as we poke and watch him wiggle all over. Yesterday was different. I fell asleep super early (like 7pm) and woke up at 11pm (to use the bathroom of course). Upon returning to bed I tried to get as comfortable as humanly possible when all the sudden I realized I hadn't felt him move. I started to panic and realized I hadn't felt him move all day. I drank some cold water and gently wiggled my belly trying to get him to respond. Thirty min passed and there was nothing. At that point I was totally hysterical thinking about everything that could be wrong. David offered a prayer and I called my DR. We were told to go to Labor and Delivery and get the baby checked out. I was sobbing and my body was shaking the whole ride over. I couldn't even complete a sentence when we reached the L + D desk. One of the nurses immediately took me into a room hooked me up to the monitor. It was then we heard the most wonderful sound in the world.
Of course everything was totally fine. After a million and one questions and a half hour of baby monitoring we were cleared to go home. It was seriously the scariest moment of my life. The nurses were so nice and kept assuring me that it was good I came in. We were so relived. Even though I probably totally over reacted in a pregnant- hormonal -hysteria sorta way, i'm glad that we went home knowing our baby was ok.
The whole point of this story is, last night got me thinking about all the things Davey and I still need to do to prepare for this little guy, more specifically getting things together for our hospital bag. I've done a little online searching and this is what i've come up with so far:

Insurance Card
Nursing Bra/Pads
Makeup/Straighter/ Blowdryer (don't  be a hater) 
Going home outfit for baby
Camera/Camcorder/Cell phone and chargers
Diaper Bag (still don't know everything i'll need in this one)

Once again I would love some feedback from my momma friends about things you packed or wished you would have packed/brought to the hospital. Thanks for the help, I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

back to school

Today David and I started our second semester here at Utah Valley University. It's funny to hear peoples reactions when I tell them i'm going to school and i'm having a baby in 6-8 weeks. They think i'm crazy, and they're probably right. I can't help but feel slightly overwhelmed as I think about how our lives are going to change shortly. It's going to be a rough semester as far as my actual classes go. I'm taking 15 upper division credits. Thankfully Davey and I got into all the same classes (talk about saving $$$ on books!!) and so far all of our professors seem to be on board with helping us to work around the baby! What a blessing!! Lets hope little man stays put for a while so I can get a couple weeks under my belt. 

Heres to a new and exciting semester!!!

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