Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hospital bag

Last night baby boy gave us a big scare. Each night before bed, David and I look forward to playing with our little guy. He is so active, kicking and punching us as we poke and watch him wiggle all over. Yesterday was different. I fell asleep super early (like 7pm) and woke up at 11pm (to use the bathroom of course). Upon returning to bed I tried to get as comfortable as humanly possible when all the sudden I realized I hadn't felt him move. I started to panic and realized I hadn't felt him move all day. I drank some cold water and gently wiggled my belly trying to get him to respond. Thirty min passed and there was nothing. At that point I was totally hysterical thinking about everything that could be wrong. David offered a prayer and I called my DR. We were told to go to Labor and Delivery and get the baby checked out. I was sobbing and my body was shaking the whole ride over. I couldn't even complete a sentence when we reached the L + D desk. One of the nurses immediately took me into a room hooked me up to the monitor. It was then we heard the most wonderful sound in the world.
Of course everything was totally fine. After a million and one questions and a half hour of baby monitoring we were cleared to go home. It was seriously the scariest moment of my life. The nurses were so nice and kept assuring me that it was good I came in. We were so relived. Even though I probably totally over reacted in a pregnant- hormonal -hysteria sorta way, i'm glad that we went home knowing our baby was ok.
The whole point of this story is, last night got me thinking about all the things Davey and I still need to do to prepare for this little guy, more specifically getting things together for our hospital bag. I've done a little online searching and this is what i've come up with so far:

Insurance Card
Nursing Bra/Pads
Makeup/Straighter/ Blowdryer (don't  be a hater) 
Going home outfit for baby
Camera/Camcorder/Cell phone and chargers
Diaper Bag (still don't know everything i'll need in this one)

Once again I would love some feedback from my momma friends about things you packed or wished you would have packed/brought to the hospital. Thanks for the help, I can't wait to see what you come up with!!


Jared said...

Glad the baby is ok!

Sorry, I don't really have any advice for what to take in your bag.

Kelsey said...

Those scares are the worst! I'm so glad little man is ok.

Makeup is a must. After a long/exhausting day (in many cases) you are not going to feel super pretty especially with all that has gone on with your body. Makeup helps soo much and it really did help me feel better than I was for some reason... makeup is kind of magical in my book. Pick something comfy for the little guy to go home in - so many people I know pick a decked out outfit from head to toe that looks so uncomfortable to me. Jeans can wait for a few days people! You'll just want him to be so cozy and comfortable with all of the changes that he will be going through, especially in those first two days. Oh my gosh Jess... I am so excited for you! Being a momma is the best!

Ok, back to the list. :) The only other thing I can think of is of course the carseat, but that doesn't really fit in a hospital bag. Oh! And this is super important... make sure you pick an outfit for you that is not only comfortable to go home in, but will be big enough. That may sound rude, but its not. You will most likely leave the hospital with a tummy that looks like you are still 4 - 5 months pregnant. Unfortunately that's just the way it is.

Last, bring breath mints. Since you can't eat while in labor, my nurses let me have a mint here and there which I loved because I was in labor for ten hours and I don't know about you, but my mouth tasted real bad after about 3 hours of not eating - so I can't imagine what it smelt like! EW. so gross. But so true.

Good luck!

Tara Cottle said...

Big comfy clothes for you to go home in.
The biggest pads you can find-for the bleeding.
Video camera.
Chargers for both the above.
Head band to hold back the fly aways.
Snacks for your hubby or some mula to buy something.
Cell phone and charger.

Glad baby is okay! Good luck this last little stretch!!

Sierra Charsely said...

Your list looks pretty good to me. I cant think of anything you missed. I always just packed like I was going to a sleep over. All the extra stuff people told me I needed, like movies or books while you wait, i never actually used. The Hospital has everything you will need, just in case you forget something. Just remember to make sure your cameras are charged!! Oh, if the nurses don't tell you, when you leave your room to go home, make sure you take everything, like pads, those underwear things, your cup if you want, etc. otherwise they toss every you don't take. And ask for the sponge comb for your babies baths. they are the best ones to help with cradle cap. They don't sell them in stores so make sure you get one.

Sierra Charsely said...

oh wait! I second comfy going home clothes!....Im sure glad little boy is okay!! I hope he doesnt scare you anymore....That is the worst!!

Alana said...

If you plan on nursing, get a tube of lansinoh lanolin, this isnt rwally havin to do with your bag but before you leave the hospital make sure you have a lactation specialist make sure baby boy is latching on CORRECTLY, tbelieve me, there is nothing worse than THINKING your bb is latching on and he's not..... But keep the lanolin handy :)

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