Monday, February 13, 2012

nesting blues

I have been feeling a little jipped since we decided that we are moving back to Rexburg. After finding out I was expecting, I couldn't help but dream about putting together our sweet little baby's nursery. I've always wanted to do a nautical theme and so far I think i've got some great pieces to do so. BUT, now that its for sure for sure that we are moving at the end of April, we came to the conclusion that there is really is no point to setting up little man's room, only to take it down so soon....
 So there in lies my nesting blues. I don't get to put the nursery together before our little man arrives. Boo hoo for me, right? The crib has been disassembled and our collection of little sailboats and lighthouses have been packed away until April. Baby boy will be bedside until then. You better bet your bottom dollar that I will be going all out documenting the set up of the nursery in Rexburg. 

For now, enjoy my obsessive-instagram-anything and everything-photos.

 Does this fabric not scream nautical?? (its for the curtains if you must know)
 Testing out the amazing quilt done by my talented SIL Amanda, before packing up the crib. 

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