Monday, April 30, 2012

the move

We made it! The drive up was smooth as could be. Remington slept the entire time!!! Upon arrival, we were greeted by a handful of men from the ward who were there to help unpack the truck. It was a nice surprise. Everything was unloaded in record time and we spent the rest of then weekend organizing and decorating.
We love our new apartment and our cute little neighborhood. It sits just on the outside of town on a cul-de-sac, surrounded with lots of green grass and tall trees. It is definitely a lot smaller than our Utah apartment. We lost a lot of square footage in our storage areas (our closets are TINY here) so we've had to be creative in storing our things. Remington's nursery is almost finished!!! I just need to get his curtains sewed and it will be complete. All in all we are happy to be back!

Now for some precious pictures of my sleepy boys

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pregnancy and Body Image

I wanted to jot down my experience and a few thoughts on this topic mainly because it is something I am currently working through. I thought maybe I could connect with ladies who may have(or will) perhaps experience the same thing.

Before I jumped on pregnancy band wagon I felt like I was pretty confident with my body. I remember looking at other pregnant women and telling myself things like,"I will never let myself get that huge" and "I will never let myself go" and "Stretch marks? I don't have to worry about those, my mom didn't get them"

Needless to say, the changes my body went through over those 10 months where a huge shock to me. I remember on many occasions waking up and looking at myself in the mirror. I would just stand there and cry.

I couldn't imagine my swollen belly getting any bigger. 
I couldn't imagine any more ugly purple stretch marks. 
I couldn't imagine taking another picture without trying to hid my double chins.
I couldn't imagine that the newly formed cottage cheese on my butt and thighs would ever go away. 
I couldn't imagine not going through the day without sweaty taco pits down to my hip bones. 
And then there was the day that I realized my alreadybiggerthanaveragesize11 feet had grown...

At that time, I wanted to slap any person who told me I had the "glow."

It seemed impossible for me to be positive and to love and accept my new body.   
David had a hard time understanding what I was growing through. How could he? He told me everyday how beautiful I was. I just ignored him. 

It was until Christmas break that I had a breakthrough. I had a serious sit down with my momma bear. I broke down and told her everything I was feeling. She gave me some amazing counsel. She said something along the lines of "what is this is your only opportunity to bear children? enjoy everything, it goes so fast. this is only temporary." Gosh mom's always know the right things to say.

My ways of thinking didn't change over night. However, I did proceed through the rest of my pregnancy with a more grateful attitude. Everyday I tried to replace a negative thought with a positive one. I thanked my father in heaven that I did have the opportunity to bring children into this world. As I did this He helped me realize how amazing my body was and that I would be blessed for what I was doing.

Now here I sit, saggy skin, stretch marks, cottage cheese thighs and all. I look over at my beautiful, healthy and happy baby boy and I've realize that it doesn't get much better than this!

Yes, I'm still 35 pounds away from my goal,
I'm still wearing my maternity pants,
and everything still jiggles.
But thats ok, because this new body of mine is only temporary.
I'll get back to feeling normal soon enough. (curse you women who can bounce right back!)

And guess what, despite all the that, I would do this baby thing again and again and again,

because nothing tops how I feel about this litte guy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I hate moving

Ok, so it's the packing that I hate the most. You never realize how much crap you have until you have to pack it all. David claims I have hoarding tendencies....It's probably true. My mom said when I was little I would  save cut up scrap pieces of paper in zip-lock bags and hide them underneath my bed. I needed them for later of course. haha. The best part about moving is redecorating the new apartment. Seriously can't wait for that.
 This week has been crazy!!! I've been a stress basket with finals and prepping everything for the move. At this point I just hope I pass all my classes. The only thing getting me through is a constant supply of diet coke and my two handsome moving assistants. Three days 'till we're outta here.

Also a photo for your enjoyment. Yes that is pee. It missed my mouth by a cementer. After he finished he giggled for like five minutes. Punk.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Month One

Dear Remington,
It's been 6 weeks since you've joined our little family. It's been the best and hardest weeks of my life. You have brought some much joy into our home. Thanks for being so patient as your Dad and I figure out this whole parent thing. Although it's been tiring and demanding beyond belief, waking up and seeing your big gummy grin and wide eyes make it all worth it. I have one little request for you...STOP GROWING! At least slow down a wee bit. I had to pack away most of your 0-3 months clothing yesterday and I bawled. A few of the outfits you only wore one time. 
Remington, you have turned your Dad and I into grandpa drivers and germaphobes. Dad still can't believe how slow I drive now and ain't nobody gonna come near you until they wash their hands and sanitize. On the few occasions we have gone out in crowds i'm super paranoid about strangers breathing on you. If they get to close, I give them the momma bear stare down. You'll thank me someday. 
It's been so fun to watch as you take in the world around you. You are such an alert baby! Your big eyes are always looking around at everything. The lights in the kitchen especially entice you. One time you would not stop fussing so I laid you down on the kitchen floor and turned the light on. You stopped immediately. 
You love being held. all.the.time. We can't just hold you while we sit down, we have to be up and walking around and bouncing you up and down. You just like to busy and that's ok, it keeps me from being lazy. Plus i've mastered doing everything one handed like doing the dishes, folding laundry and even blowdrying my hair...I still have yet to master buttering my toast. 
From day one, you blew everyones minds with your super human neck strength. You love tummy time and sitting in your bumbo. 
You are also the loudest baby i've ever know. You are constantly growling, grunting or some thing in-between the two. Even when you are dead asleep you make noise. 
When you get tired you do this really slow blink with your eyes. It is so cute! You always wake up ravenously hungry, and act as though I never feed you. Thankfully i've been blessed with an abundance of milk and your tummy stays full. That may account for your pound a week weight gain!
Well my sweet Remington, it's time to get you ready for bed. Keep sleeping through the nigh will ya? We'd really appreciate it. 


Saturday, April 14, 2012

first night on the king

David surprised me with a king bed for my birthday. I was thrilled. We've been talking about getting one for quite some time now (remember this post ) but never had the funds to fork out. Unbeknownst to me David had been putting money away for some time. Before Remington was born we would go out on our date nights to test mattresses. We decided that someday we wanted to get the memory foam kind. Well, thats what showed up yesterday! As soon as it was set up I did the jump test. It really works! Remington did not move at all. 

When bed time came around we were so excited to go to sleep! Remington has been sleeping through the night this last week we were looking forward to yet another night full of zzzz's.

Let me tell you, last night sucked.

I'm not even joking that kid woke up every hour on the dot. He would nurse for 5 minutes at a time, fall back asleep then wake up crying 2 minutes later. It was the longest night yet. The clock did not seem to move at all.  7am came around and like every other day Remington was wide-eyed and bushy tailed. David's alarm went off for work and I cried. 

Fortunately we got lots of naps today and are hoping for a better night tonight. So far we are LOVING all the extra space the king has to offer. I seriously can't believe we've gone this long with out it. 

Happy Birthday to me!!

Birthday Weekend

This year my birthday was spent at the Salt Lake Temple watching my bestie Kate get married to the love of her life, Harrison. I like to take credit for setting these two up and felt honored that they decided to get married on my birthday (whether they meant to or not haha). It was a simple and lovely ceremony. I bawled listening to the promises that they made to each other and thought back to my and Davids sealing two years ago. 

After it was over I rushed out to be with my boys. It was the longest i'd been away from Remington. Thankfully he slept the whole time.  We then headed to the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial building where we ate a delicious lunch and enjoyed a beautiful view. We even got a glimpse of President Monson who happened to be walking by. That man is TALL! 
It made for a long day, but Remington did so well. We decided to check out City Creek Center and shop around before we went home. Unfortunately by that point Remington was done and he let everyone is the mall know it! 

When we got home we all snuggled and fell fast asleep. Later that evening we ate cake and David gifted me with some gnarly running shoes. I can't wait to break them in. He also said that he had another gift that wouldn't here for another couple days. I had no idea what it was.

Yesterday he brought it home. He got me(us) a king size bed!!!!! I was thrilled. It was the best surprise ever. 

Overall it was a fun day spent with some special people. If someone would have told me 5 years ago that I would be married with a baby by age 22 I would've laughed in their face. Yet here I am married to the most amazing man and daddy and our sweet baby is pretty dang adorable. I wouldn't have it any other way.


I know it's almost been a week since Easter, but with a newborn it takes 10x longer to get anything done... especially when you have one that loves to be held all the time!

This Easter was pretty low key for us. My old roommate Miriam spent the weekend with us. She loved meeting the littlest Olsen! David's dad also got to celebrate with us. He got lots of snuggle time in with Remington.  The Easter Bunny brought baskets and lots of candy! We ate a delicious feast and took a walk around our favorite park.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Newborn Pictures

Once agin my sister in law Amanda showcased her amazing photography skills. We got these done when he was a week old. I can't believe he already looks so much different! We love love love love how they turned out.

(he held his head up like this for 5 minutes! he's so strong) 

 Photo Credit: Captive Memories Photography 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Remington David: A Birth Story

Remington David Olsen

March 3, 2012 10:05 pm

8lbs 7oz, 20 inches long

Our estimated due date was March 10. To our surprise, our little guy was measuring significantly ahead my entire pregnancy, especially during the third trimester where he was consistently measuring 4-5 weeks bigger. Monday, February 27, at our 38-week appointment we had a growth scan ultra sound. Dr. estimated our boy was tipping the scale at 9+ lbs. We knew those estimations could be way off, but we wanted to discuss our birth options.

We didn’t necessary have a birth plan, but rather preferences. I absolutely wanted to avoid a C-section/vacuum/forceps delivery as much as possible unless it was medically necessary. I was indifferent about getting an epidural. I was open to the option but I wanted to see how my body would handle labor.
At that appointment I was still sitting at 2-3 cm and 90% effacement. Dr. brought up his concerns about the baby’s size, shoulder dystocia and the pros and cons of waiting until my due date or later to deliver. He brought up induction as a possibility and said he could induce me as early as Saturday. I would be 39.5 weeks by then. Dave and I where hesitant and the Dr. told us to think it over and let him know what we decide. Before we left he stripped my membranes (OMG OUCH)

We went home and talked all night about whether or not to induce. After much discussion and prayer we decided it was the right thing to do.
I called and scheduled my induction with the Dr. and then called my mom. She booked her flight for that Friday night. I was so excited to have my mom there with me, not only for her child birthing expertise but also for the emotional support.
The next couple days where spent cleaning our apartment, getting all the last minutes things ready for the big day and enjoying our final moments together as non-parents.

Friday, we picked up my mom and spent the night talking about how our lives where going to change in less that 24 hours. It was so surreal to think that our baby boy was going to join us so soon. Sleeping was not possible that night. The excitement-anxious-nervous-holy-cow-this-is-actually- happing feeling was too strong. I called the hospital at 6:30 the next morning to confirm my 7 o’clock go time. The nurse explained that 6 ladies had walked in overnight in labor and that they were going to have to push back our induction time.

At 1pm we showed up to the hospital, got checked in, changed into my gown and hooked up to the monitors. Hearing our baby’s heartbeat and knowing that I was going to be holding him in just a few short hours was an unbelievable feeling.

It was another hour and a half before the nurse got the Pitocin going. They started me out at a slow dosage and increased it every half hour. I was super relaxed and all smiles for the next few hours. David was taunting me with all his yummy snacks and my mom snuck me a few pieces of jerky when the nurses weren’t looking. At 5:30 I started to feel some ‘real’ contractions. They were uncomfortable but not unbearable. The nurse came in and checked my progress. Apparently I hadn’t progressed much and the Dr. was coming to break my water. My contractions started to get stronger and I couldn’t stand just sitting there in the bed. It didn’t feel natural. I got down on my birthing ball, leaned against the bed and rocked back and forth, trying to relieve some of the pressure off my pelvis. I stopped talking and tried to focus on breathing through each contraction. I was surprised at how uncomfortable they were.
The nurse came back in and said the Dr. was running a little late (we found out later he was at his son’s baptism :) and asked how I was doing. I wasn’t going to lie, I was in pain and I knew it would only get worse as the hours went on.

I felt like I needed to change positions but the nurse wanted to check me again. As I stood up to get on the bed I felt a gush of warm, almost hot fluid run down my legs. I laughed and asked if my water just broke. It did. The pressure of his head on my pelvis intensified almost immediately. The contractions started to become very consistent and strong. I was trying so hard to stay focused and fight back the urge to cry. I kneeled down and faced the back of the bed. I swayed by hips back and forth and breathed deep. David was at my side, constantly coaching me through each contraction. I couldn’t believe the pain. They came in waves, over and over. I felt like I didn’t have time to rest or catch my breath. I begged for the epidural.

No one tells you that sitting through the epidural would be harder that enduring the actual labor. I had to sit still, folded over my huge belly, through 5 gut wrenching contractions while the Capri-Sun straw sized needle was inserted into my spine. I remember gripping the bed rail and David’s hand so hard my knuckles turned white.

After the epidural was administered I asked how long it would be before I wouldn’t be able to feel anything. He said I should begin to feel numb in 15 minutes or so. 15 minutes went by and I was still feeling each and every contraction. They tried flipping me over on my sides a few times. Still, I was feeling everything.

The next chunk of time was a blur. The anesthesiologist tried to reposition the needle two more times. I remember them telling me they were also going to insert a catheter to relieve my bladder. I was like, “Are you serious!? Remember I can still everything down there, you are NOT going to put that thing in.” Well, they did and I felt it. Did I mention how much contractions hurt? I was totally hysterical. The pain completely took over. I remember sobbing and asking my mom over and over “WHY AM I STILL FEELING EVERYTHING!? WHY AM I NOT NUMB!” I wanted to give up. I was sure I would pass out and die before it was over. David tried to calm me down. I was totally disconnected from what was going on. The anesthesiologist was dumbfounded on why I was not responding to the epidural and called another guy in to see if he could do something. That guy tried a couple times, and I assured them I could still feel it all. He put some painkiller into my IV and told me it would help take the edge off. I was dilated to a 9 at that point and there was really nothing else they could do.

Suddenly I had this overwhelming urge to push. “HE’S COMING, HE’COMING” I screamed. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to push yet. It felt like my body was going to push him out even If tried to hold him in. The Dr. was at the foot of the bed with his arms crossed, watching the fetal monitor intently. I remember thinking, “What the crap, I’m about to push this kid out and your just standing there!? “

 I found out later that Remington’s heart rate was all over the place and they had to attach an internal monitor to his head to get more accurate readings. I got checked again and told it was go-time. I couldn’t believe I had “survived” thus far. I was able to push when I felt I needed to. Pushing felt so incredible. Bearing down during the contractions and working with my body felt so productive. I could feel my baby moving down. I remember making these deep throaty grunting noises with each push and feeling so strong. I only pushed for 15 min. It was exhausting. During each push I could hear Remington’s heart rate on the monitor slow way down. It was terrifying to not know if he was ok. I remember opening my eyes and seeing the room suddenly filled with people.  The Dr. had called the NICU team in. They were preparing for the worst.

They put an oxygen mask on me and I kept taking it off. I hated the way it smelled and I felt claustrophobic. David kept putting it back and told me I had to breath for the baby. I remember asking the Dr. how much longer I had to push. He said it could be for another hour or two. At that point I knew I couldn’t go on much longer. This baby had to come right then.  As the next contraction started to come on, I let everyone in the room know that “I’m done, this is it!” I pulled my chin to my chest, bore down and let out a roar. After two pushes, he started to crown and I reached down and touched his soft little head. The next push he was out.

The next thing I heard was David crying, “Oh my gosh! You did it, Jess, oh my gosh you did it!” I opened my eyes and looked down and saw my precious baby boy. My first thoughts where “Oh my gosh he’s so small! Oh my gosh look at all his hair!?’ 
David cut the umbilical cord and within seconds he was in my arms. I was so overcome with emotion. I cried in pure bliss. This was my son. He lifted his little head, opened his dark squinty eyes and looked into mine. I was smitten.
 Shortly after, the nurses took him away to be tested and bathed. I was stitched up for the next hour. I found out later that I ended up with a 4th degree sulcus tear (what my mom says they call a vaginal C-section) and got 40+ stitches. Mom said that it was the worst she's ever seen. Remingint was born with his hand by his face, which they thought made it so severe. All I have to say about that is holly effing OUCH. (recovery has been a bitch) 

At midnight were were alone in the recovery room; just the three of us. David and I spend the rest of the night and next day just looking at our precious little Remington. He was perfect in every way. We were discharged on Monday morning with a clean bill of health. 

No one can prepare you for those first few days a home. If my mom hadn’t been there to help me, I seriously don’t know what I would have done. I know that I would have given up on breastfeeding for sure. That stuff is serious people! (more to come on that later).

For some crazy unforeseen reason my body didn’t respond to the epidural and I was forced into having my baby un-medicated. Fortunately I was in active labor for only 4 hours and pushed for 15 minutes. (even though it felt like forever) That’s really fast for a 1st time mom.

I can’t believe how much this little spirit from heaven has changed our lives. We have enjoyed (almost) every sleepless moment getting to know our sweet Remington. He is getting so big so fast, I feel like every morning I wake up next to a new baby. They aren't kidding when they say it times for now, we are taking it one day at a time. 

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