Saturday, April 14, 2012

first night on the king

David surprised me with a king bed for my birthday. I was thrilled. We've been talking about getting one for quite some time now (remember this post ) but never had the funds to fork out. Unbeknownst to me David had been putting money away for some time. Before Remington was born we would go out on our date nights to test mattresses. We decided that someday we wanted to get the memory foam kind. Well, thats what showed up yesterday! As soon as it was set up I did the jump test. It really works! Remington did not move at all. 

When bed time came around we were so excited to go to sleep! Remington has been sleeping through the night this last week we were looking forward to yet another night full of zzzz's.

Let me tell you, last night sucked.

I'm not even joking that kid woke up every hour on the dot. He would nurse for 5 minutes at a time, fall back asleep then wake up crying 2 minutes later. It was the longest night yet. The clock did not seem to move at all.  7am came around and like every other day Remington was wide-eyed and bushy tailed. David's alarm went off for work and I cried. 

Fortunately we got lots of naps today and are hoping for a better night tonight. So far we are LOVING all the extra space the king has to offer. I seriously can't believe we've gone this long with out it. 

Happy Birthday to me!!

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