Sunday, April 15, 2012

Month One

Dear Remington,
It's been 6 weeks since you've joined our little family. It's been the best and hardest weeks of my life. You have brought some much joy into our home. Thanks for being so patient as your Dad and I figure out this whole parent thing. Although it's been tiring and demanding beyond belief, waking up and seeing your big gummy grin and wide eyes make it all worth it. I have one little request for you...STOP GROWING! At least slow down a wee bit. I had to pack away most of your 0-3 months clothing yesterday and I bawled. A few of the outfits you only wore one time. 
Remington, you have turned your Dad and I into grandpa drivers and germaphobes. Dad still can't believe how slow I drive now and ain't nobody gonna come near you until they wash their hands and sanitize. On the few occasions we have gone out in crowds i'm super paranoid about strangers breathing on you. If they get to close, I give them the momma bear stare down. You'll thank me someday. 
It's been so fun to watch as you take in the world around you. You are such an alert baby! Your big eyes are always looking around at everything. The lights in the kitchen especially entice you. One time you would not stop fussing so I laid you down on the kitchen floor and turned the light on. You stopped immediately. 
You love being held. all.the.time. We can't just hold you while we sit down, we have to be up and walking around and bouncing you up and down. You just like to busy and that's ok, it keeps me from being lazy. Plus i've mastered doing everything one handed like doing the dishes, folding laundry and even blowdrying my hair...I still have yet to master buttering my toast. 
From day one, you blew everyones minds with your super human neck strength. You love tummy time and sitting in your bumbo. 
You are also the loudest baby i've ever know. You are constantly growling, grunting or some thing in-between the two. Even when you are dead asleep you make noise. 
When you get tired you do this really slow blink with your eyes. It is so cute! You always wake up ravenously hungry, and act as though I never feed you. Thankfully i've been blessed with an abundance of milk and your tummy stays full. That may account for your pound a week weight gain!
Well my sweet Remington, it's time to get you ready for bed. Keep sleeping through the nigh will ya? We'd really appreciate it. 


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