Wednesday, May 9, 2012

yes, we named our son after a gun.

I can not even tell you how many conversations we've had with so many people that go a little something like this...

Random Stranger: "aww, your baby is so cute."
Me: "Thank you."
Random Stranger: "He's so big, how old is he?"
Me: "2 months."
Random Stranger: "What's his name?"
Me: "Remington"
Random Stranger: "........Remington.......Isn't that a gun company?"
Me:" Yes, yes it is."
Random Stranger: " you guys like guns?"
Me: " Yes. Yes we do"

I didn't think the name "Remington" was that unusual, but it seems to be the common reaction when we tell people his name. So, that being said, I thought I'd share the story of how and why we picked our little mans name. 

It all goes back to my Dad. He is an avid hunter/gun man. To save he loves them would be an understatement. He's really good a shooting them too. He would take our family out in the desert to shoot stuff for FHE. We spent our daddy daughter dates at the shooting range where he taught me everything there is to know about guns. He wanted to make sure I was well educated before I headed up here for school so I could impress the boys. (sure enough, it did!) I remember him telling me once that if he and my mom ever had another boy, he wanted to name him Remington. I loved the name. I loved it so much I added it to my list of baby names. (doesn't every 17 year old girl have a list? probably just me...) 
When we learned I was pregnant I realized that I was really picky about names. I didn't want a common "popular" name but I didn't want a weird-totally-out-there-what-the-crap-where-you-thinking kind of name either. I wanted a name that was different, strong and most importantly had a lot of meaning. It's actually kind of nerve racking naming someone who A.) you've never seen before and B.) will be referred to that said name for the rest of their life. I shared my list with David. He loved them all. 

When we found out baby was a boy we agreed on Remington. It fit our criteria. We love that it's a strong name. We love that it's different but not far out there. And most importantly, I love that it reminds me of my close relationship with my Dad. I started calling Remington by name for the rest of my pregnancy. When he was finally born, it felt so natural and it seemed to suit him well. 

Now two months has gone by and we've come up with some fun nicknames like:

Rem Rem
Rem Dog Millionaire 
 (like Eminem haha. you should hear how David raps about that one. hilarious.)

and finally my favorite,

The Reminator.

Can you just hear that over the loud speaker at a HS football game?? 

"Remington "THE REMINATOR" Olsen!!!!!!"

We love our sweet Remington and can't imagine calling him anything else.

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Me and Jedd! said...

jess, i LOVE the name REMINGTON. I want to name one of my kids that, so when i saw the name of this post, i HAD to read it ;). I have been wondering how many people would be reminded of the gun company though, so it's good to read your post. Your little guy is super cute. And good job with the name. Maybe someday we'll both have little Remingtons running around ;)

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