Sunday, July 29, 2012

2 week weight loss update and some remstagrams

Today is day 15 of my 16 week program. So far I've lost 2 lbs and 12 inches! That's a whole foot people. Gone. Off my body. I've had a couple people ask what exactly my program contains. I'll i'm doing is eating healthy and exercising. (with a few extra food restrictions)

I have to say that I have never felt so good in my entire life.

My food plan consists of as much "raw"(un-processedfood as possible.  We eat a really well balanced diet that consists of a lot of veggies, fruits and protein.  Every week Dave and I grocery shop so we eat as fresh as possible. Did you know all the fresh food are located around the outsides of the store? We hardly ever go down the middle isles anymore. 

I keep a food log where I write down every single food that I eat. It keeps me honest and to helps to make sure I'm staying within my allotted calorie range. In my food log I also record my exercise for the day and my weekly weight and body measurements. It's motivating to look back and see how far i've come. 

For now i'm walk/jogging with Remi 4 days a week and doing Crossfit workouts with David on the other 2. Since the delivery my knees have been hurting so bad, so i'm really trying to ease into full on running. (did this happen to anyone else?!)

Finally, I weigh in and measure every Sunday morning. Getting onto the scale is still such a psychological thing for me, but combing that with body measurements, it helps me actually see the numbers change. David think's it funny that I have to pump before I step on the scale. I usually pump 8-12oz of milk (half a pound!) in a session which could easily tip the scale haha. 

Welp, that's about it! I can't wait to see my body continue to transform the next 14 weeks!

Now, here are so of my favorite moments captured this week...

Friday, July 27, 2012

4 months

Dear Remington,
Your stats this month are insane and as your momma It is my right to brag about how jumbo you are. At your 4mo appointment you weighed 20lbs (100+ percentile), were 27inches tall (97 percentile) and your noggin measured in at 16.5in (40 percentile). You are also in size 4 diapers and are wearing 9-12m clothing. That being said you have a huge fat body with a little baby head! But of course you are perfect in my eyes. This month you decided that you wanted to roll over. It was like one day you suddenly knew how to do it. You roll EVERYWHERE! Your sitting skills are top notch too. It amazing watching you go. You even rolled over to the t.v stand and started pulling out the cords. I can't believe we already have to start baby proofing everything. We think it's so funny when you try to reach out for your toys that are just beyond your reach. You get so frustrated! I wouldn't be surprised if you're an early crawler.  This month we also introduced you to some new foods. So far it seems that you don't care what it is, you just love to eat. We also discovered how ticklish you are. At your 4m appointment you were giggling like crazy when the Dr. tried to exam you. We were all cracking up. I'm loving how smily you are and how responsive you are to other people around you. You know your name and turn when we call you. You'r big eyes melt me into a Your strawberry blonde hair is starting to curl. It is so cute. I happy to say that we have finally established a bed time. Your out by 9 and up by 8. You are still sleeping through the night like a champ. It is so bittersweet watching you grow so fast. I can't believe my baby is not a "newborn" anymore. Keep growing strong-


Saturday, July 21, 2012


This past week we "unofficially" started Remington on solids. Against everyones advice, we decided to skip rice cereal all together. There is no nutritional value in that stuff. We probably won't even officially start solids until 6 months. Lets be real here, Remington is doing just fine with the boob juice for now. It was sure cute to see him down that avocado. 

 The first bite...

 at first he was like...

 ..and then he was like...

 He could not get enough!

Avocado is number 1!!

 I love those moobies

I do have to add that the avocado poop the next day was nasty-nast! I'm not looking forward to those stinky solid-food diapers.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

16 weeks

Today is day 4 of my 16 week no-sugar, low carb (only 50g/day) and no fried- greasy food plan. I'm grumpy and tired and my workouts are just about killing me,  but for heavens sake it's time for me to get serious about loosing this baby weight. Halloween can't come soon enough. Wish me luck. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Red, White and Blue

Are you sick of reading 4th of July posts? Well here is one more for ya. The 4th was probably the best day of our summer so far. We celebrated with some of our closest friends. We met up with them at the Rexburg parade in the AM. Dave and I got fried crispy in the sun. Remington HATED the sirens on the firetrucks. He screamed. We got pelted more than once by candy and otter pops that were being thrown from the "floats." I loved watching the little kiddos running out into the street to pick up the treats. Next year, Rem will be amongst them, ahh! 

After the parade we met everyone at the nature park and had a potluck picnic. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful. Later that night we lit sparklers and enjoyed a free firework show on our cul-de-sac. Once the big loud ones started we headed in. Remington did fine, it was I who chickened out. All in all, our nations birthday was spent with good company, amazing food and sparklers!!!!

family reunion

Last weekend we ventured down to Hurricane, UT for the Stout Family Reunion. It was so much fun! We had a blast visting family members we haven't seen in a LONG time. I was sad that it was only two days. It was definitely not enough time to spend quality time with everyone. The only downside to the weekend was the heat...(and the awful car ride both ways) Woof. Rem and I were a sweaty mess the entire time. He spent most of the weekend in his diaper. My momma (Mimi) and sibling where loving up on Remington. Here's a photo overload of the weekend. 

Rems flushed little cheekys

Mimi's jewelry was his favorite 

 giving uncle colty a hard time

 my handsome/beautiful siblings!

little olivia loving up on rem

giving bumpa smiles


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