Friday, August 31, 2012

5 months

Dear Remington-
At five months you are mobile! Rolling is your forte. On your rolling adventures you have discovered the kitchen floor. It has become your favorite place to hang out. It must be the texture that entices you. Just in the past week you've begun to get on your hands and knees from a sitting postion and rock back and forth. Occasionally you'll launch yourself forward into a belly flop. It is so funny to watch you get frustrated as you try to figure out how your body works. You amazed Dad and me the other day when you pulled yourself up to stand in your crib. Looks like it's time to lower your mattress. On your tummy you are able to turn in any direction. With you new found mobility you have made diaper changing a hassle. Putting a diaper on a poopy, wiggly baby should be an olympic sport. I know this is only the beginning...Speaking of diapers, you've discovered the velcro fastening straps on your disposables and like to rip them off. We are even more excited to start cloth diapering this month. You can't escape out of those things. You've learned the phrases "nom nom nom nom nom" and "dab dab dab dab" in which you like to repeat over and over. Remotes have become your new obsession and you are done done done with your Jumperoo. You no longer fit in your bumbo and Dad taught you how to drink out of his water bottle. This month we ditched the baby tub and put you right in the big boy tub. You're like a little fishy splashing around in the water. We introduced you to oatmeal and peas and you hate them both. It's hilarious to watch you gag them down. You are officially too big for your car seat and are currently on stroller strike. Which is super annoying by the way if we want to take you anywhere. You better start crawling or walking soon son because you are way to freaking heavy to carry. You love to suck on your toes, eat leaves, sit in the grass and take rides in the laundry basket. 
Also, you wake up before the sun rises. Stop it. 

Love you big boy,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

five minute pinterest project

I pinned this awhile ago and finally decided to make it. I even picked a color that would match my stools. Look at me getting my craft on. 

 P.S Did you notice that the Etsy chick is charging 24$ for this print? The frame isn't even included! Really? If I can make this, anyone can...

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

my experience with co-sleeping

I have a bunch of draft posts about my experiences thus far with breastfeeding, co-sleeping, sleep training and parenting in general. It is taking me forever to get my thoughts down with this busy baby boy of mine but here is the first of many more to come. (did you enjoy that alliteration?)

Before Remington was born I had absolutely no intention of co-sleeping. Davey and I went out and bought a pack 'n play that would be situated next to my side of the bed so baby boy would be at arms reach during the night. I even set it up a month before he was due so I could get used to it being there.  Then Remington was born. The first couple nights home we put him to sleep in the pack n' play and like all newborn babies, he woke up every 2 hours to eat. I remember feeling like it was such as hassle to wake up, sit myself up, get the boppy and the baby situated and nurse in bed. (during these times I would always look over at David sound alseep and snoring and shoot imaginary fire darts at him with my eyes. How did he not hear the baby cry? Anyways, moving on...) Remington would always fall back asleep while he eating so It was a feat trying to put him back in his bed without waking him up. Nine times out of ten his big blue eyes would pop open and he would cry as soon as I laid him down. This went on for a week or so before I learned how to nurse Rem while we were both laying down. (aka the side lying pose.) Little did I know this pose would change my life for the better.

It took awhile for me to feel completely comfortable with the side lying pose. But when I did, nursing at night suddenly didn't seem like such as hassle. Rem would wake up, I'd  grab him, whip out a boob and we would both drift off to sleep. I remember the first time waking up four hours later and freaking out that he hadn't woken up since his last feeding, only to find hum snuggled up next to me fast asleep. It was then that it dawned one me, nursing Remington in bed = better night sleep. Why had I not thought of this before?

I brought the co-sleeping idea up with David and he freaked. He was a heavy sleeper and was afraid of rolling on top of Rem . The horror stories everyone associated with co-sleeping about babies being strangled and suffocated scared the crap out of me too, but I was desperate for a nights rest. We further discussed the family bed idea and decided to try it out a couple nights. Hallelujah was it an answer to our prayers! I slept better, Remington slept better and we were all happy.

As far as positioning goes, I curled up my body around Remington as he would nurse and made sort of a protective barrier. We both slept on our sides facing each other, his face close to mine. David noticed that Remington would match his breathing to mine. I always woke up feeling refreshed like I had really slept well even though I found myself (un) consciously checking Rem throughout the entire night.

For awhile I felt kind of like a werido when I talked to my peers about our sleeping situation. So I started to do some research and came across this article from Dr. Sears. He shares his personal experience with co-sleeping as well as his findings to the research experiments he conducted. The results are very interesting, especially the physiological effects that co-sleeping has on both mother and baby (read it!)

So the more I looked into this "dangerous" sleeping arrangement the more I was convinced that I was doing the best thing for me and my baby. In lot of ways I feel like it's the most natural thing for us,  like primal momma bear instinct. In my research I also learned that humans are the only mammals that expect their offspring to sleep away from them. Crazy huh? Once again I felt grounded in my decision to co-sleep.

Now almost 6 months later Dave and I are starting to rethink this co-sleeping thing. Remington has turned into a beast to sleep with. He grunts, kicks, rolls and pulls on my face all night. This is not going to be acceptable as I'm starting up school again in less than a month. This is my segway into my sleep training post where I'll let you know what we are doing and how it is (not) going so far.

The end.

P.S I know that a family bed is not for every one and I want to point out that I am not dissing or discouraging parents who choose to put their babies in cribs. I just wanted to share my experience and how it worked for us in our situation.

Here are links to a couple articles about co-sleeping if you are interested...
...or you could just google search...

 (where did my little newborn go?)

 (nude colored bra. not a boob. promise.)
(one of my favorites)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

bar stool makeover

I got a killer deal on these wooden stools last week. Dave and I spent his day off sanding them by hand (we hate sanding) priming and then painting them. I dragged him through the store looking for the perfect color and I think we found it. I love how they look in our home. I can't wait for our next DIY project!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

splash pad

Last week we headed over to the splash pad at Porter park. We were so excited to take Remington. He's a little fish in the bath so we figured he would love the water at the park. It was 90 something degrees and the park was practically empty. We enjoyed a picnic in the shade and watched all the cute little kids running around. Turns out Rem was totally disinterested in the water. We held his hand over the fountains and he shrieked. I tried to splash him and that really pissed him off. So we instead we rode the Carousel. He loved that. Go figure. Next year he will be the perfect age to actually enjoy the park. Until then-

Friday, August 17, 2012


Rem and I have been filling our days with long walks, picnics in the park, countless DIY projects and hours at the gym. Oh the life of a stay at home mom. :) David has taken on more hours at work so our little time spent together is cherished. We even went on a date last week. We had big plans but ended up going home and sleeping for a hour and a half. I know, how lame but it was the best hour and a half of quiet, peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Rem on the other hand was a hellion for our sitter. Way to scare off another one son.
 School starts back up in four weeks and I am a nervous wreck about leaving Remington. On the other hand it will be nice to have a break from mommy duties. I'm really just anxious about finding time between classes to pump or even where to pump on campus for that matter. Heaven knows I can't handle be the leaky boob girl.  I'll be taking classes half day while David has Rem, then when I come home David will leave to work the night shift. So pretty much we will never see each other. Im going to be so crazy busy with school the next two semesters I don't even want to think about it. Then I will graduate in April and be done done done! I can't believe i'm so close. David isn't to far away from being finished either. Next summer he will be applying for Chiropractic schools and graduating in December. After that who knows where we will be!
Whelp that's all that's really going on right now.

And now here are some cute remstagrams (remington+instagrams. i know, im a genius)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

i love my spool table

Yesterday while Davey and I were driving around we came across this beauty. He was sitting atop a pile of discarded construction scraps in a dumpster just down the road. It was love at first sight. I had to have him. I made David pull over while I jumped out to find the construction guy in charge. Minutes later he was packed in the back of the jeep and whisked home. David carried him and set him down in our living room. After a few seconds we looked at each other and said "now what?!" Haha it was hilarious! I had no idea what I wanted to do. He was a blank canvas and I was slightly overwhelmed. Those who know me know i'm not naturally crafty. (No one believed that I managed a craft store) So I turned to google and pinterest and found a few ideas and got some awesome feed back from my creative friends. 
We agreed to keep him rustic and simple. First off, David hammered in all of the nails that where sticking out. I rented a hand sander from a local hardware store. It was only 5$ for the whole day! David sanded the crap out of him making sure our little mans curious fingers would not end up with any splinters. After that my friend Alyssa loaned us a can of glossy clear wood finish and I painted my little heart away. The 95 degree heat dried up the 3 coats real quick and soon enough our little dumpster find found it's way into our living room looking clean and beautiful. He turned out awesome. I am really proud. 

"what the heck is this?"

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