Friday, August 31, 2012

5 months

Dear Remington-
At five months you are mobile! Rolling is your forte. On your rolling adventures you have discovered the kitchen floor. It has become your favorite place to hang out. It must be the texture that entices you. Just in the past week you've begun to get on your hands and knees from a sitting postion and rock back and forth. Occasionally you'll launch yourself forward into a belly flop. It is so funny to watch you get frustrated as you try to figure out how your body works. You amazed Dad and me the other day when you pulled yourself up to stand in your crib. Looks like it's time to lower your mattress. On your tummy you are able to turn in any direction. With you new found mobility you have made diaper changing a hassle. Putting a diaper on a poopy, wiggly baby should be an olympic sport. I know this is only the beginning...Speaking of diapers, you've discovered the velcro fastening straps on your disposables and like to rip them off. We are even more excited to start cloth diapering this month. You can't escape out of those things. You've learned the phrases "nom nom nom nom nom" and "dab dab dab dab" in which you like to repeat over and over. Remotes have become your new obsession and you are done done done with your Jumperoo. You no longer fit in your bumbo and Dad taught you how to drink out of his water bottle. This month we ditched the baby tub and put you right in the big boy tub. You're like a little fishy splashing around in the water. We introduced you to oatmeal and peas and you hate them both. It's hilarious to watch you gag them down. You are officially too big for your car seat and are currently on stroller strike. Which is super annoying by the way if we want to take you anywhere. You better start crawling or walking soon son because you are way to freaking heavy to carry. You love to suck on your toes, eat leaves, sit in the grass and take rides in the laundry basket. 
Also, you wake up before the sun rises. Stop it. 

Love you big boy,

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