Wednesday, August 1, 2012

i love my spool table

Yesterday while Davey and I were driving around we came across this beauty. He was sitting atop a pile of discarded construction scraps in a dumpster just down the road. It was love at first sight. I had to have him. I made David pull over while I jumped out to find the construction guy in charge. Minutes later he was packed in the back of the jeep and whisked home. David carried him and set him down in our living room. After a few seconds we looked at each other and said "now what?!" Haha it was hilarious! I had no idea what I wanted to do. He was a blank canvas and I was slightly overwhelmed. Those who know me know i'm not naturally crafty. (No one believed that I managed a craft store) So I turned to google and pinterest and found a few ideas and got some awesome feed back from my creative friends. 
We agreed to keep him rustic and simple. First off, David hammered in all of the nails that where sticking out. I rented a hand sander from a local hardware store. It was only 5$ for the whole day! David sanded the crap out of him making sure our little mans curious fingers would not end up with any splinters. After that my friend Alyssa loaned us a can of glossy clear wood finish and I painted my little heart away. The 95 degree heat dried up the 3 coats real quick and soon enough our little dumpster find found it's way into our living room looking clean and beautiful. He turned out awesome. I am really proud. 

"what the heck is this?"

1 comment:

Tara Cottle said...

Awesome! And totally toddler proof...not gonna knock that baby over.

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