Sunday, November 18, 2012


We are keeping pretty busy over here these days.  I just registered for what was supposed to be my last semester. I'm being held hostage and have to stay and take one more 2 credit class in the spring because said class was conveniently scheduled at the same time as another class I have to take. ugh.


David is still the best house-husband around. He is the best Dad too. I love coming home from school to my two favorite men. Last weekend he competed in the CrossFit games here on campus. He placed in the top 10! Rem and I had lots of fun cheering him on. 

We're heading to Utah for Thanksgiving with the in-laws  I'm excited to get some Holiday shopping done while we are there. 

In other news, my Stroller Boot Camp class is starting to pick up! Every class, I've had at least one new Mom show up. It has been such a fun experience learning how to teach and plan workouts and keep thing interesting etc. In January i'll be getting my AFAA group fitness certification. Which means I can teach any type of group fitness class anywhere! 

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Now here's a phone-picture dump.

Happy Sunday!

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