Sunday, December 2, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas is in full swing over here in the Olsen home. It's not secret that I've had our decorations set up since the beginning of November. I'm usually super strict about waiting until the day after Thanksgiving, but  since we're heading out of town early this year, I felt justified in setting everything up a little earlier. The holidays are one hundred times more fun with little babies. Rem can not get enough of the sparkly ornaments and twinkle lights. He's also obsessed with the wrapped presents under the tree...we've only managed to salvage one! Here is what Christmas looks like in our home...

Read more about our Kris Kringle tradition here and here AND our past Christmas's together here, here and here.

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 1, 2012

8 Months

Dear Remington-
If I could, I would freeze time right here and now, and you would forever stay your fat, giggly, little eight month old self. This month you've learned how to drink from a straw, flush the toilet, highfive and furniture walk. Sometimes when you're feeling brave you'll slowly remove each hand from whatever you're using to balance and stand all by yourself. Your knees get wobbly and you arms wave frantically above your head as you try to stay standing. You brace yourself for the fall and them BOOM you're back on the ground. You smile like you know you've accomplished something amazing. You are so proud of yourself. We are so proud of you. It is so fun to watch you learn and build confidence in the things you do. You giggle at everything especially late at night when it's way past your bed time. You like to bang (loudly) on pots and pans and roll soup cans across the kitchen floor. You hate getting your diaper changed and twist and turn any-which way to escape our hold. I've never seen you crawl so fast trying to get away from us. You're very social with other babies and often use them pull yourself up. You want to be walking around like the other kids. You throw a fit every time we close the fridge or walk by without acknowledging you. You like to eat the fake Christmas tree needles and see how many ornaments you can pull off before I catch you. You hate wearing hats and when the sun shines in your eyes. You gag every time we try to feed you canned baby meat and still will not swallow peas. You think its funny to put your fingers up my nose when you nurse. You jibber jabber all day in your own little language. You can repeat sounds and match the pitches in our voices when we talk to you. All month you've fallen asleep to us humming Christmas songs. Bath time is your favorite part of the day. That and when you get to play with the dishwasher. You will beg like a puppy dog at our feet until we give you a taste of whatever we're eating. Your newest trick is hiding things in the dryer. Last week we found a box of cereal. You can pound down just about any food but your favorite snack is black olives and cheese sticks. This month I woke up to you crawling (off the bed) in your sleep. It totally freaked me out. Your four front teeth are just chilling right beneath your gums. We can see them, they just haven't broke through yet. I will miss your toothless grin. You are a momma's boy through and through and there is nothing better than coming home to your big slobbery kisses.

You are my world litte man,


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