Thursday, January 3, 2013

9 months

Dear Remington-
 I wish pregnancy went as fast as these past 9 months have gone. I still can't get over how big and gosh dang cute you are. You are learning more and more each day. It literally amazes me. At 9 months you are 26 lbs and 31 inches. Every day you are looking more like a little boy and not a baby. This month you took your first steps!!! Ironically it happened while we were out shoe shopping with the family. I squealed with excitement. You will be walking on your own in no time. While we were in Arizona you learned how to climb the stairs. It totally freaked me out at first but you sure were proud of yourself going up and down. This month you've learned how to point, blow through a whistle and crawl though tunnels. You are no longer toothless. In fact you got 6 freaking teeth in one week. It was a hellish time for everyone. We were all miserable and sleep deprived but your spacey, toothy grin is down right adorable.  You like to growl and do an indian call which sounds a lot like "owwwwwahwahwahwah". You loved spending time with your aunties, uncles, mimi and grandpa. Most of all you loved petting and getting licked by the family dog. This month you took your first plane rides. One of which was actually enjoyable. The other....not so much... (more to come on that). You're separation anxiety is at an all time high. I'm nervous about leaving you with a sitter when we go back to school next week, hopefully you'll get used to it! You are obsessed with books, like being in the stroller (finally) and pushing around your big trucks. You recognize and talk to younger babies and crawl around while holding your toys/food. You hate being held down while we change your clothing and when we strap hats on your head. My favorite thing you started to do this month is dance. You break it down at the sound of any music, even if it's my lame beat boxing skills. It is so cute watching you shake your little bum and bob your head. You my sweet boy, have natural rhythm! (definitely did not get that from your momma...)

love you so much big boy-



Travis and Lindsay said...

I love his faces! He's getting so big!

Angie Center said...

He's such a cutie pie! And growing up so quickly. :)

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