Saturday, January 26, 2013

going green

A couple months back Remington decided he did not like being fed baby food anymore. Feeding times became too much of a hassle, so we stopped giving him purred foods and introduced him to finger foods.   He transitioned just fine but I felt like he was getting the same ole thing over and over and not getting enough variety in his diet. Over the Christmas break I bought him couple of those squeezable baby food packets and he LOVED them. He was able to feed himself (somewhat) and he could eat through almost 4 packs a day. I was converted..except I couldn't get over how expensive they were.

I remember talking to David one day about how cool it would be if someone invented re-useable/washable packets that you could fill with your own food.

He googled my description and lo and behold:

Re-usable/washable baby food packs!! We got a pack of 10 for 20$. I am obsessed!! They hold about 4oz of food which is the same size of a jar or baby food. They can be hand washed or washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. Pretty cool huh? I'm so happy we found a product that saves us money, saves the environment (haha) and most importantly Remington loves!

1 comment:

Travis and Lindsay said...

Ummmm Crazy cool! What an awesome find!

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