Thursday, January 3, 2013

Remington's First Christmas

We spent the Christmas break in Arizona with my family. It was magical. Rem and I flew down the day after school ended and David joined us a week later. Remington got lots of bonding time with my siblings and parents. It took him awhile to warm up to everyone because he is in the total separation anxiety stage. The first week he would scream every time he lost sight of me. He had to be at my side constantly. It was also the longest I had been away from David. I was soo grateful to have him back because single parenting is tiring! I was really sick the entire time which sucked...I ALWAYS get sick over the breaks. 

The holidays are so fun with babies. Especially at this age,  Remington seems to understand that there is something different going on. He loved looking at the Christmas lights and playing with my mom's Christmas decorations. His favorite was the life-size nutcracker. He crawled up to that thing everyday! He also got to meet our family dogs. Dulce, the chihuahua quickly became his favorite. He giggled every time she licked his face, hands and feet. He spent hours looking out the back window to see the dogs running around. It was so cute. 

 We got to slept in Christmas morning and when we woke up we gathered around the phone to talk to my little brother. He is still on a misson in Mexico and will be returning soon! It was so good to talk to him. His mexican accent is so cute. I can't wait to see him! After hanging up with him we opened gifts one at a time. We have always grown up opening presents this way. It makes it fun seeing everyones reactions to each gift, plus it makes Christmas morning last all day. 

Remington didn't quite grasp the tearing open of the paper. When he finally did, he dove right in! He was so excited. That night we had a nice sit down dinner with the entire family. Remington loved my Dad's mashed potatoes and my Mom's stuffing. 

The last few days we relaxed and enjoyed the warm temperatures. It was fun taking walks to the park and getting out in the fresh air. Something we won't be able to do here in Rexburg until the Spring. We had a tearful goodbye early Sunday morning and had a peaceful flight back here to the frigid cold. My little sister Jocelyn flew back with us. She is starting here at BYU-I this semester! We are having so much fun getting her all prepared for school. 

It was much needed break from our hectic lives but as always it went way too fast. I can't wait to see everyone again! 

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