Monday, February 25, 2013

one year comparison

I stumbled across mine and David's (or is it David's and mine?...)1 year old baby photos. I think it's safe to say Remington is a pretty darn good mix of both of us! I can't believe he's almost a year! AHHH!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

the wedding series: the engagement

Back in my single days I was the biggest hopeless romantic I knew. I loved love. I'd "ooo" and "ahh" listening to my friends sweet engagement stories and constantly day-dreamed about the day my price charming would come. Soon enough he did come and totally swept me off my feet. (You can read about how we met here).

After we knew we were going to be wed, we started looking at rings. I wasn't the type of girl who wanted to be surprised with one he picked out. I knew what I liked and I wanted what I wanted. I made sure he knew that haha! After a couple trips to various jewelry stores I tried on THE ring. It was beautiful and sparkly. I made sure the clerk wrote down the serial number for David before we left.

A few weeks later, November 13, 2009 to be exact, David drove up to Rexburg to come visit me for the weekend. (we were doing the long distance thing at the time. he was living in Utah). I knew the official engagement was coming soon, I just didn't know when. I had an inkling that this weekend would be THE weekend and I couldn't help but be a little excited.

He pulled up early that morning in the Birch Plaza parking lot and was greeted by lots of hugs and smooches. I remember him being extra smily and could sense he was a little nervous/anxious about something. We went inside my apartment and chit-chatted for awhile before he told me to come with him back out to the car. He opened the drivers side door and told me sit down. He said that his parents had sent up some diet coke and chocolates for me. While I was breaking into the chocolate he handed me a poem.

He wrote me sweet little love poems all the time so it wasn't something out of the ordinary. This poem was about wanting to spend eternity together and how we would never have to say goodnight again yada, yada, yada. I finished reading it and looked over at him. There he was on one knee, outside in the snow, in the parking lot of my apartment, holding THE ring, smiling the biggest smile and protesting his love for me. I wanted to freeze time and take it all in. After a tear-filled YES, we embraced. It was magical.

We called and shared the news with our parents and spent the rest of the weekend in twitter-pated- love-bird bliss.

A year or so after we got married I remember asking David why of all places did he choose to propose outside of his car in my apartment parking lot. He was shocked that I didn't draw the parallel from the day that we met. Finally it all made sense! The first time we said goodbye to each other I was sitting in the drivers seat and he stood outside the car.

What a guy that handsome man of mine.

A few photos from that wonderful day-

**Up next in the wedding series: why we chose the Oakland temple. Stay tuned! 

11 months

Dear Remington,

This past month you have made it so apparent that you've grown out of babyhood and jumped into full fledged toddler-hood. Your appetite has increased so much! You have to be eating pretty much all the time. Your favorite things to eat are clementines, fruit snacks and raisins. Even though you are turning one in a week I don't foresee you weaning from the boob juice anytime soon. This month you got your first real pair of walking shoes. They are so cute on you! It took you a couple of days for you to get used to walking with them, but once you did there was no stopping you! You can change the channels on the TV with the remote and brush your hair with my brush. You've been able to shake your head "no" for awhile but you now know what it means. You bring the keys to the front door and try to unlock it. You are starting to understand what different words mean. When we say "where is your ball, baby, book etc, you go and get said item. You love being chased around the house by dad and HATE the snow. You can identify and point to your nose, eyes and mouth. The bathroom is your favorite place to explore. A couple weeks ago you found a box of my tampons and love chewing/dissecting them. You like to look out the window, walk all over the couch and wave goodbye to everyone when leaving. You are obsessed with phones and can spot one a mile away. If someone isn't looking, you will sneakily grab their phone and walk off. You hold up anything that resembles a phone up to your ear and babble away. You love sipping momma's diet coke and chewing on dad's toothbrush. You've also started throwing real nasty tantrums. The kind where you drop to the floor kicking and screaming if you don't get what you want. We're not really sure how to handle them except ignore you until you are done. I swear you're still too young to be doing that stuff...

Love you big handsome,

Taken on my new dslr camera. I LOVE IT!^^

Friday, February 22, 2013

3 years

Wednesday we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Despite the nasty cold, snowy weather, we had a pretty awesome day. David snuck off to class in the early morning and let me skip my class  sleep in. Rem and I didn't wake until 9! That's a new record. We spent the afternoon watching bubble guppies and eating fruit snacks until David got back. I went to my afternoon class and then we headed over to my 16 week appointment. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat and schedule our 20week gender-ultrasound next month!!

Afterwards we dropped Remington off with his favorite auntie Kate and headed out on our date. We've been dying to try out a new BBQ restaurant in town called The Hickory. We must have ordered the wrong thing because it was NASTY!!! It was nothing like we had expected. To top it off the mashed potatoes were the instant-box kind. UHM HELLO?! we're in IDAHO the POTATO state. Gimme a darn real potato people! We left disappointed and headed over to coco-bean where we indulged in over priced cupcakes.  After that we ran a few errands and headed home to our little munchkin.

It has truly been a wonderful three years that we've spent together. We have grown up so much and have been blessed beyond measure. I am so happy to be married to my best friend. He is such a loving husband and father to me and Remington.

Happy Anniversary babe!

Read our first and second year celebrations here and here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the wedding series

Tomorrow David and I will be celebrating our 3rd wedding Anniversary. 3 YEARS!!?! Why oh why does life seem to fly by so fast. I look at pictures from our dating days and our wedding and it seems like a long time has passed but it also feels like it happened just yesterday.

Looking at my pictures I also realized that I have not officially written down or documented anything about my wedding day, engagement day, etc! What better place than a blog to record down those memories!? So without further ado I'm here to introduce The Wedding Series.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting various stories (with lots of pictures of course) about all the fun planning we did leading up to the big day.

I'm so excited to share with you.

Stayed tuned for the first post: The Engagement.

our third date. we were babies. ^^

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

Valentines day this year was waaaaaaaaaaay better than last year. No hospital visits for us yah! 

^^Last valentines day. Check out that 37 week belly! ^^

This year was pretty relax and low key. David got to sleep in with Remington while I spent the first part of the day at school attending classes and taking tests. The boys came and picked me up in the afternoon and we headed to Idaho Falls. I've been craving a Sam's Club hot dog for weeks and finally got one. David dressed Rem and himself to match in red and black flannels. They looked so handsome! After Sams we headed over to the sad excuse for a  mall and walked around, then we headed home to pick up my baby sister. We exchanged gifts, ate pink chocolate chip waffles and stuffed our faces with valentine chocolate. 

Remington sure enjoyed himself. He kept hugging his sock monkey and giving him kisses. We got him a bottle of bubbles and he wasn't sure what to think about them. Every time we blew one in his direction he would move as fast as he could to get away. It was hilarious. All in all a day well spent with the ones that I love. 

Hope your day was magical too!

Read our past valentines days here, here and here.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY Project: Pillow Covers

This weekend flew by! I'm just getting over a nasty cold (thanks a lot Rem!) and haven't left the house since Friday. Instead of catching up on much needed sleep and studying, I spent my weekend crafting. I never regret that route haha!
 Since i've started redecorating our little place, I've been dying to get some throw pillows for our big ole  dark sectional. Sadly, I couldn't find anything I absolutely loved in the store so I decided I to make my own. I snagged up some 21x21 down couch pillows from our local online garage sale site. Seriously, it was a steal of a deal. They had a brown microfiber cover that was the same color as our sectional. I hit up the local craft shop with my girl Kate to get some fabric color inspiration that I could use to cover them. After a couple trips I settled on these lovely prints.

 I used this tutorial to make them. Let me tell you, it was so EASY! No, buttons or zippers, just sewing 4 straight lines. After the second pillow I could whip out one in 10 min. I love the pop of color they add to our home! Check it out.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Sugar Cookies

Baby #2 has a sweet tooth. I can't wait until the little ones are old enough to decorate with me. It gets old, fast when you have to do it alone.


This week has been rough.

Last Thursday Remington tested positive for RSV. He is just starting to recover and feel better, thank goodness. We don't do the sick thing well over here. Rem is not the cute, cuddly, lets watch movies and snuggle all day type of baby when he is sick. He is the whiney, unsatisfied, non-nap taking, won't sleep at night, monster type of baby. As the momma, all I could do was provide comfort and give him all the boob juice and attention he desired.

As a result, we are all sleep deprived! I haven't felt like this since the first two weeks we brought the little guy home from the hospital. I've been grumpy, irritable and at times completely irrational.

The phrase, "When momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" comes to mind.

After stumbling through the door after class one day, I had a total melt down. David listened intently,  hugged me and ordered me to go to bed. Thank heavens for that man! He spent the rest of the day and night tending to Remington and let me sleep.

Now that the worst has past (we hope), I find myself counting my blessings. I am so thankful for good health, an amazing husband and partner, a stinking cute baby boy (when he's not sick) and the squirmy little nugget growing strong inside my tummy. Despite the little bumps in the road, life is so good to us. I could not be happier.

zombie momma administering a breathing treatment to the sick little man ^^

Friday, February 1, 2013

I love February

I say it every year and every year it is still true....


It is my favorite month. 

We are looking forward to:

*our 4th Valentines day together*
*celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary*
*David's 25th Birthday*

Then Remington's 1st birthday on the 3rd of March. Somebody pinch me. 

I've been keeping busy party planning and gift shopping, which are two of my favorite pastimes. 

Here's to the month of Love,

 Happy February 

I can't believe it has almost been 3 years^^

10 Months

Dear Remington,
At 10 months you are officially WALKING!!!! You're starting to figure out that walking is faster than crawling, so sometimes you turbo speed walk. It is hilarious. You have also learned how to point. You point at everything. If you want something you point at it. If we ask you questions like, "where are your toys?" you point to your room. I love seeing that little index finger out and about. One of your favorite things to do is look at pictures of yourself, especially the ones hanging on the wall. You've learned how to kiss on command. You love to kiss everything! You kiss yourself in the mirror, your stuffed animals, the pictures in your books and anybody who asks to be kissed. At 10 months you can reach and jiggle the door handles, roll a ball back and forth with someone and fit shapes into their corresponding holes. You learned how to respond to "bye, bye!" by waving. Your favorite things to eat are scrambled eggs, shredded cheese and graham crackers. You don't care for baths anymore and your little naked self tries to escape constantly. Your hair is getting longer and curlier by the day. Your mohawk stands about 4 inches tall and curls over at the top. People keep telling me I need to cut it and that is never going to happen haha. You know how to shake your head "no", poop on the potty and shut yourself in your room. When you are hungry you lift up my shirt and/or bring me your snack pouches so I can open them. We taught you how to dip your carrots in ranch. Except you no longer eat the carrots and just keeping sucking off the ranch. You are still taking two 1.5-2 hour naps everyday and slowly sleeping more in your crib during the night. You will stop whatever you are doing to watch/dance to bubble guppies and dora. This month you also fell off our bed for the first time while we were sleeping. I don't know how you landed but you didn't even cry! And lastly  the most annoying thing you started doing this month is grinding your teeth. Eeeeeee!!! That sound makes my skin crawl. Hopefully, that is just a stage. I can't believe your first birthday is next month. Stop growing up so fast.


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