Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

Valentines day this year was waaaaaaaaaaay better than last year. No hospital visits for us yah! 

^^Last valentines day. Check out that 37 week belly! ^^

This year was pretty relax and low key. David got to sleep in with Remington while I spent the first part of the day at school attending classes and taking tests. The boys came and picked me up in the afternoon and we headed to Idaho Falls. I've been craving a Sam's Club hot dog for weeks and finally got one. David dressed Rem and himself to match in red and black flannels. They looked so handsome! After Sams we headed over to the sad excuse for a  mall and walked around, then we headed home to pick up my baby sister. We exchanged gifts, ate pink chocolate chip waffles and stuffed our faces with valentine chocolate. 

Remington sure enjoyed himself. He kept hugging his sock monkey and giving him kisses. We got him a bottle of bubbles and he wasn't sure what to think about them. Every time we blew one in his direction he would move as fast as he could to get away. It was hilarious. All in all a day well spent with the ones that I love. 

Hope your day was magical too!

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