Monday, April 8, 2013

my experience with babywearing

From day one Remington insisted on being held. He was only happy when he up close, in our arms, seeing the world from our view. He was content up on our level. We tried to put him in his swing and his bouncer but he didn't care for those. He only wanted to be held. Not only did he want to be held, but he had to be moving. He would cry and cry and cry if we stopped bouncing or rocking him while we held him. People told us we were spoiling him because we held him so much. I was worried that we were but my motherly instinct knew that Rem was different. He needed that "touch", it just so happened to be all.the.time.

I began to envy the mother's who's babies we deemed "lap children" aka their babies were content to just "be."

We were at a lost as to what to do. With our busy school schedules it was nearly impossible to hold him all day long and try to get anything done.

It was then, in our desperate hour, that I discovered the world of babywearing.

Babywearing is exactly what it sounds to be. It is the practice of wearing or carrying your baby in a sling or other type of carrier and has been practiced by mothers for centuries around the world. The more we read about it the more excited we were to get started. We learned that there are so many benefits of babywearing. The biggest selling point for us was that we could have our hands free!! Hallelujah! 

Our first carrier was a secondhand snuggli. Then we received a baby bjorn as a gift.  They did their job but were not ideal for long periods of time. They put lots of pressure on our lower backs and were not very comfortable. 

After a few months of putting up with these carriers I decided to do some more research. I found that we had only skimmed the surface of babywearing products. There are so many different types of slings and carriers, made out of different fabrics and all claiming to be the best, it actually became a little overwhelming. The prices killed my dreams of trying out all the fancy carriers too. Someday I'd love to invest in a Mei Tai or an Ergobaby.

Since our poor college student budget wouldn't allow for the name brand carriers, I decided to make one instead. My dear friend Nicole, who is extremely talented seamstress, helped me pick out the perfect stretch fabric and construct my own homemade moby wrap. It literally took us 15 minutes to sew and cost a total of 14$.

This wrap was heaven sent. Remington loved being in it. We used it all the time!! We loved that we could wear him in the front or the back and that it was sooo comfortable to wear for hours on end. Often times Remington would fall asleep when we went out on walks or simply did stuff around the house. It was so easy to just throw in the diaper bag or stash under the stroller when we were on the go.

Now that Remington is walking we don't use the carrier as much. He prefers to explore on his own. We still keep the wrap stashed in the car just in case. 

I plan to wear baby girl from the start. I think it will be essential since i'll need both hands free in order keep up with a busy toddler. I'm so happy that we've been able to wear Remington. Now looking back I know that we were not spoiling him, we were responding to his needs and giving him exactly what he needed.

>>As a side note....David's hotness level increased a gajillion points when he put that baby carrier on.

 Real men wear babies. The end. 


Ashley Wright said...

Love this! You were "responding to his needs!" Couldn't agree more. Ps. I can't get over how much I love your blog design.. It's so cute!

Tara Martin said...

We tried wearing emma...she was just not a huge fan and it killed my back too. We had a bjorn (whihc, now doing research, i haven't found isn't good for the baby anyways) and a homemade moby as well.

This time around i am really hoping baby girl and i will love it so i can have both hands free to wrangle in emma. I bought a used ring sling and my husband;s grandma bought us a mei i am keeping my fingers crossed that those will work for us.

David and Jessica Olsen said...

I want to try a ring sling!!! Let me know how you like it. Looks like it would be nice for the brand new tiny babies

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