Monday, April 8, 2013

see rem grow

^^this photo comparison gets me every time I look at it. Why do they have to grow so fast!!!!!! 

The monthly letters I've been writing to Remington are mostly for me to document his "firsts" and for him to be able to look back and read someday. 

Lets be honest, I know most people really don't give a crap when he waved goodbye or slept in his crib for the first time. But I am so happy that i've been able to record down those seemly insignificant moments and take obnoxious amounts of pictures of my sweet baby boy. Life is moving at turbo speed and I want to be able to remember every one of those moments with him.


The real purpose for this post is that I wanted to compile a list of all the big milestones he's hit over the past 12 months and have them here in one spot. So here it goes:

 From birth he was strong enough to lift his head on his own
1 month he was in 3-6 month clothing
2 months he doubled his birth weight at 16.5 lbs!
3 months he was sitting on his own
4 months he weighed in at a hefty 20lbs, 27inches, learned how to roll
5 months completely outgrew the infant carseat and upgraded to a big boy one
6 months he was crawling and wearing 18-24 month clothing
7 months furniture walking and first word "dada"
9 months took first steps, cut 6 teeth at once and weighed in at 26lbs (big month haha)
10 months officially walking!!!

I've posted the links to each month's letter below if you want to go back and read them :) 
I promise I won't be offended if you don't ha!

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