Thursday, May 30, 2013

15 months

Dear Remington,
Fifteen months??! You are practically a teenager now. At fifteen months old you absolutely love to be outside. We watch the airplanes fly by all afternoon while you dig and explore in the front yard. Dad's grill has become one of your new favorite places to hide things. Last week we found a shoe, a plastic car and a piece of chalk in there. You've learned how to climb into/onto everything. You drag your little stool around the house and get up to where ever you want to go. You like to weasel yourself into little spaces like between the couch cushions and next to your crib. Often times you get stuck. You've learned how to walk backwards and spin in circles. Your vocabulary has expanded a lot in the past few months.
You can say-
"haaaaat"- for "hot" usually said while you hold your hand up to the "hot" object.
"hi"and "hey"- said just like they sound but in the cutest little baby voice.
"up-up-up"-for "up" or when you want to be picked up. Usually repeated over and over until we do so.
"sheeezsh"- for "cheese."
"shooozch"- for "shoes" although it sounds a lot like cheese but with more of the "oo" sound.
"dada"-for dad. you still don't say momma...
"doodee"-for aunt Josie.
and finally,
"da"- for any other word we try to get you to repeat.
You also know what sounds a puppy dog, tiger, moo cow and monkey make.  I love seeing your sweet little face in the window waving "bye bye" to me as I leave for work or school. I love it even more when you greet me with a big grin, bear hug and wet kiss when I get home. Your favorite things to eat are green grapes, strawberries and yogurt. Last month you had your very own ice cream cone and devoured it! You eat all your meals at your little table and refuse to drink anything expect milk and water. You still love to nurse and be swaddled tightly to sleep. Being chased around the house by Dad is one of your most favorite things to do. Speaking of favorites, aunt Kate is your best friend and most favorite person ever (besides me and dad of course). You literally throw yourself to the ground every time she has to leave. Your relationship with her and uncle Harrison is too tender for words...
Despite all your newly learned skills, you most favorite pastime in the world is reading books. You my son are obsessed. Everyday is spent reading with just about anyone who will sit down with you. You will back up onto our laps and point out various persons or things in each book. It is seriously so cute. I love walking into your nursery and finding you surrounded with books, chitter-chattering out loud and flipping through the pages.

I love you so much little man,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

prepping for the little lady

 itty bitty coming home outfit ^^

Getting things ready for our sweet baby girl has been so much fun. 
Since we pretty much already have all the baby essentials, we've only really had to stock up on cloth diapers and girl clothing. 
We are getting so anxious for her to get here. 
Only 10 more weeks to go!!!
I think at this point it's safe to say that I feel extremely heavy with child. 
The constant pelvic pain has forced me to waddle instead of walk.
Nightly foot rubs from David are they only thing that help ease my puffy swollen feet.
Finding a comfortable position to sleep in pretty much impossible.
And because I am carrying so high I no longer fit in the desks at school. 
Pregnancy does such a number on ones body.
I really shouldn't complain, the little lady and I are as healthy as can be.
The nights when sleep never seems to come I day dream about what she will look like.
I love feeling her move inside me. 
Her kicks are stronger than ever and feeling her hick-up is seriously the coolest thing ever.
That alone makes up for all the weird and uncomfortable ailments that come with growing a human.

 28 Weeks ^^
29 weeks^^

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

apartment tour

We are finally settled into our new place!!!
Can you believe all that natural light?? 
Also, I'm not trying to fool anyone...
my house never looks this clean.
I banished Rem to his room so I could snap a couple shots,
hence no pictures of the nursery, 
or of my crusty boogar couch, 
or of my dingy/food stained ottoman.
(Next time I'll make sure to do a post of what my apartment really looks like when the kids are free to roam.)
While Remington was in his room,
he decided it would be fun to rip off all of his bookshelves from the wall. 
That boy.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

 ^^best mother's day ever

momma bear

My momma bear is hands down one of the most incredible people I know.
She is classy, witty, stylish and profound.
She has taught me everything I know about life and being a mother.
She is breathtakingly beautiful inside and out, and only continues to get more beautiful as she gets older.
(I mean honestly, check out that hot bod! She birthed 6 kids!)
She has dedicated her life to her family and helping others.
I have never known anyone to experience as many hard and life changing trials as she has...
...things that could easily leave one cold hearted and bitter.
Yet despite those trials, her faith in God remains unshaken. 
She is a friend to all, and is loved by everyone she meets.
She is my rock, my example and my very best friend.
I hope that can someday that I can be even half as amazing as she is.
She better live forever because I seriously don't know what I would do without her.

Happy Mother's Day Momma Bear

xoxo GAGA
(your most favorite daughter) 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

California Dreaming

 How adorable is Remington in that romper and sun hat?
This kid needs a trip to the beach STAT!

(p.s I took these with my new 50mm lens!! Thanks Dad!!!!)

Monday, May 6, 2013

what we've been up to

The past two weeks have been a blur of school, internship, sickness and sleepless nights. Amongst all the crazy we decided to move! We are still in our same building just down onto the bottom floor. I LOVE IT!!! First floor living is where it's at when you have children. I dreaded the day when I would have to haul baby girl in a carseat, Remington and groceries up our flight of stairs. Now Rem can just walk right out to the car! It's been so convenient. The fresh coat of paint on the walls and new carpets sold us too.

It has taken some time getting used to our schedules this semester. David is gone pretty much all day everyday up on campus. I'm taking one class on campus, working 9 hours a week at the wellness center  in the afternoons and teaching CrossFit classes for my internship in the evenings. It has been wonderful being able to stay home during the day with Remington. Sometimes we even get to sleep in until 9am. Those are my favorite days haha!

Happy Monday Everyone-  

^^So glad I bought those mint shorts. He can totally pull them off. 
 ^^Transitioning out of the high chair has been easy. He loves his little table.
 ^^His first very own ice cream cone.
 ^^Rocks are his favorite. 
^^walked into his room and found him like this.

 ^^such a little stud. 
 ^^ hello belly button.
 ^^ I can't stop laughing at this pictures. He's going to nurse until he's 10. haha!
^^ 27 week baby bump!
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