Sunday, May 12, 2013

momma bear

My momma bear is hands down one of the most incredible people I know.
She is classy, witty, stylish and profound.
She has taught me everything I know about life and being a mother.
She is breathtakingly beautiful inside and out, and only continues to get more beautiful as she gets older.
(I mean honestly, check out that hot bod! She birthed 6 kids!)
She has dedicated her life to her family and helping others.
I have never known anyone to experience as many hard and life changing trials as she has...
...things that could easily leave one cold hearted and bitter.
Yet despite those trials, her faith in God remains unshaken. 
She is a friend to all, and is loved by everyone she meets.
She is my rock, my example and my very best friend.
I hope that can someday that I can be even half as amazing as she is.
She better live forever because I seriously don't know what I would do without her.

Happy Mother's Day Momma Bear

xoxo GAGA
(your most favorite daughter) 

1 comment:

Valerie Stratford said...

Dude.... Your mom is smokin! Like, really?! Dang. I knew you had to come from a good gene pool!

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