Sunday, May 26, 2013

prepping for the little lady

 itty bitty coming home outfit ^^

Getting things ready for our sweet baby girl has been so much fun. 
Since we pretty much already have all the baby essentials, we've only really had to stock up on cloth diapers and girl clothing. 
We are getting so anxious for her to get here. 
Only 10 more weeks to go!!!
I think at this point it's safe to say that I feel extremely heavy with child. 
The constant pelvic pain has forced me to waddle instead of walk.
Nightly foot rubs from David are they only thing that help ease my puffy swollen feet.
Finding a comfortable position to sleep in pretty much impossible.
And because I am carrying so high I no longer fit in the desks at school. 
Pregnancy does such a number on ones body.
I really shouldn't complain, the little lady and I are as healthy as can be.
The nights when sleep never seems to come I day dream about what she will look like.
I love feeling her move inside me. 
Her kicks are stronger than ever and feeling her hick-up is seriously the coolest thing ever.
That alone makes up for all the weird and uncomfortable ailments that come with growing a human.

 28 Weeks ^^
29 weeks^^


Travis and Lindsay said...

You look so great. Such a beautiful, glowing pregnant lady.

A and L said...

B-e-a-utiful! You made a seriously adorable baby in round 1 and I have a feeling round 2 will be just as adorable :)

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