Monday, July 22, 2013

9 and 1/2 months

I am 38 weeks pregnant. 
Baby girl could make an appearance any time now.
I measured 2cm and was 60% effaced at my 37 week appointment.
I know that doesn't mean much but at least I know I'm making progress!

At 9 1/2 months pregnant I've been nesting like crazy,
The car seat is installed,
Her clothing is washed,
Hair bows are made,
Her going home outfit picked out,
The camera and cam corder are charged, 
and the hospital bags are (almost) packed.

Now that school and work have wrapped up, I've been spending my days bouncing on the birthing ball and taking long family walks.

I've been also been (mentally) preparing for a natural birth.
I've educated myself so much better this time around and I am so excited to go in knowing that there are many different options available to me.
I was so unprepared for Remington's birth, I know that things will run a lot smoother since I will be in control and I know a lot more about what to expect. 

The hardest part about these last few weeks is the waiting game...
With Remington, I was induced because 'he was big' (such a joke
and although it was nice to plan exactly when he was going to be born, I wish I would have waited until he was ready.

Baby girl will come when she is ready.

My Dr. said he will not induce me until i'm 41 weeks. 
I sure hope she decides to come before then, we are so ready to meet her.

Until then we will continue to enjoy our short time together as a little family of three.

33.5 weeks^^

 35 weeks^^

37 weeks^^

 38 weeks^^


Nicole Cook said...

Just reading this makes me so excited for your little family. I can hardly wait :)

Todd and Martha said...

You are so beautiful. What lucky kiddos you have to have such a mama like you! Every day when I get on the computer I hope I see her picture on my screen! All new and fresh. That day will be here soon!! Love you to the moon.

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