Monday, September 30, 2013


These two nuggets have been keeping me busy and I can NEVER find enough time to keep up the blog these days. ^^

Sooooo I think we've finally kindasorta gotten into a daily routine. 
We spend most our mornings snuggled up on the couch eating breakfast and watching cartoons. 
After that we try to get out of the house for a while so Remington can get his wiggles out before nap time.
I am totally loving this cold, windy, fall weather but I HATE that it has forced us to be inside most the day.
Remington is already going crazy being cooped up which means the rest of us are suffering from his whiny orneriness. 
I do not even want to think about how this winter is going to be ahh! 
I need more ideas to keep this kid busy. 
I did a fall craft with him last week that I figured would keep him occupied for the afternoon. 
But took a grand total of 7 minutes. 
After that we attempt nap time (hasn't been happening lately) and the rest of the day is spent playing, reading, making messes and counting down the hours until David gets home. 
Speaking of David...He is totally kicking 16 credits and two jobs butt! 
He comes home every night completely exhausted, but he is always happy to see me and the kids. 
He never complains. 
I'm so happy I married a hardworking man! #proudwife

This post is starting to feel like it's all over the place so to wrap it up I wanted to share these pictures of Olive's bum. 
I can't even tell you how much I love this.

home grown dimple-rolls ^^

ALSO I am currently finishing some posts about tandem nursing, transitioning Remington into his own bed, Olive at 2 months and Remington at 18 months. 
Hopefully they'll be done sooner than later...
Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back to School

Tomorrow I start the last and final semester of my bachelors degree.
Come December I am going to be a college graduate!! AH!!
Thankfully it worked out that my last class was available to take online, so I won't have to leave my sweet babies.
On the other hand, David's rigorous class and work schedule has him gone from 6am-6pm.
AKA the ENTIRE day!
Not going to lie, I'm a little nervous about having the babies that long.
I've been spoiled all summer with him working the overnight shift and having him home to help during the day.
I know that it's going to take a few days to get into a solid routine...
Nap time is what I'm dreading the most.
Getting both kids down at the same time is a joke, especially since they both like to nurse to sleep.
I feel successful if I get their naps to overlap for 3.5 minutes! (that's only happened twice)

In other words, wish me luck this week (or feel free to bring me a Diet Coke).
Either way, I'm going to need it.

And on an unrelated note, I finally uploaded the 1200 + pictures off my phone and 1/2 of them where of this sweet sleeping babe. Love my little girl!!!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

1 month

Dear Olive,
You have been a little ray of sunshine since the day we brought you home five weeks ago.
Your easy going and mild temperament has made adjusting to two littles a lot more manageable than we expected.
As long as your diaper is clean and your tummy is full you are one happy camper.
At five weeks old you weigh a healthy 14 lbs 9oz!!
You are sooo squishy!!!
I am dang proud of those rolls....
and those cheeks!!!!! oh you bet those get kissed all day.
From day one you've been a really really really good sleeper.
Most nights you only wake up twice to eat and fall right back asleep when you're done.
Seriously, a DREAM baby!
For being a baby that loves to eat, you sure have no problem taking your sweet time when your nurse.
Sometimes I swear you eat every hour of the day!
When you sleep, your little snores sound like a kitten purring.
 It's so cute.
You are currently busting out of your 3-6 month clothing and have so many adorable little outfits that you never got to wear.
You are a Mommas girl and totally prefer me to Dad.
Sometimes you get really ticked when he holds you the wrong way and you roar at him.
It is hilarious.
You absolutely love bath time, swinging in the swing and going for walks in the stroller or wrap.
Nicknames so far include: Loulou, jabba, baby 'O', Chubbs and Olive loo-hoo.
You have brought so much joy into our home little one, we could not be happier.
Keep up the good sleeping habits and you'll quickly become the favorite child (kidding...but really...)

Love you so much baby girl-

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Olive Lou's Blessing

It was so wonderful to have our families in town to celebrate Olive Lou's blessing day.
 The weekend could not have been more perfect. 
Remington was eating up all the attention (and Mimi's treats)! 
We miss them so much already. 
Olive looked so beautiful in her blessing dress,
I can't believe how much she has grown already.
I'd be more than happy if time froze and my babies stayed like this forever.
This is the life!!

I love my little family^^
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